Meaning bandname: Maquiladoras are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. At the Drive-In made a song about the Maquiladoras and especially about the many women that were murdered when they were traveling to their job. Most of us love deathmetal, so we could have chosen a name like Decomposing Carcasses, but this name is a lot scarier when you know what it means.

Bio: In the spring of 1999 the guitarplayer of the Hoogeveen band Venders of Smut got converted to christianity. His punkrocklive was over, but the rest of the band decided to continue. The line-up was Dennis (drums), Rick (bass), Michel (guitar). At first they wanted to do the singing themselves, but a flexible-walk-by-substitute-worker from Groningen (Eva) was much easier. Dennis left, came back and left again for good in the spring of 2001. In this time we also had a second guitarplayer: Martijn. The gap that Dennis left was filled with Bart in the summer of 2001. We recorded in 2001 7 songs in the Bunt’s Studio in Utrecht and this was released as a 10″ in the beginning of 2003 by a cooperation of several labels. In March 2004 Makiladoras is the first Dutch DIY band to tour Israel! In July 2004 Bart got converted to an easier lifestyle and got replaced by Michael who already temporary saved our asses back in 2001 for a while. End of 2004 saw the release of the split 7″ with Radio Bikino. After a long delay in October 2005 the long awaited concept LP about Genetic Technology is released by 14 labels. The exclusive CD version is released by Too Circle from Japan. In the meantime the 2001-2004 Discography CD has been released by Bullwhip Records and Cactus Records from Malaysia. Michel quit the band in March 2006 and Makiladoras plays the final show on Trashfest 11 in Hoogeveen on 24th June 2006. A week before, the 8 last songs have been recorded in the Kuschelrock and have been released as a 12” by Ruination Records from Germany. 

Lyrics: They are a way to get rid of frustrations. They are about things like social inequality; people that force you to be nice and friendly; work (our national religion); Maxima (our national daughter-in-law) and racism (our new national passtime). Most lyrics are in dutch, the native language of Michael and Eva.

Description: Metalpunk

Eva Oling aka Eva Cavia – vocals
Michel Jonker – guitar
Michael Kopijn aka Michael Bacteria – drums (2004-2006)
Rick Schonewille – bass

Bart Veenvliet – drums (2001-2004)
Dennis De Lange – drums (1999-2001)
Martijn Roodbaard – 2nd guitar (2000 – 2000)

Other bands:
Eva Oling – Power From Arse, No I.D., Minamata Disease, Link, Noodweer, Uneasy Peace, Persona Non Data, Stresssysteem
Michel Jonker – Anti-Bitch, Venders Of Smut, Gabriels Despair, Delta Clone Project, Absorbed, Darkwaterscam, Bullshit Science, Massive Assault, Inhumanised, Descent To Hell, Suffering Quota, Entrapment, Dead Loyalty, Youth Deprivation, Skroetbalg, Red Sector A, Parallax Smile
Michael Kopijn – PuinhoopBloedbad, Kastroboys, Conspiracy Of Poimar, Catweazle, PCP, Tuco Ramirez, Shikari, R.O Conspiracy, Intensity
Rick Schonewille – Venders Of Smut, Delta Clone Project, The Grin, The Cretins, Dead Will Walk, Uneasy Peace, Persona Non Data
Bart Veenvliet – Nekschot, Lomb, Jobcrusher, Gegen Die Wand
Dennis De Lange – D.R.A., Venders Of Smut, Absorbed, Born Suspicious, The No-Goods, Holy Beggars, Combo Koedijk, The Pathetics, Miracle Men, Keefmen, Thank Christ For The Bomb

2001 – Makiladoras Promo TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
2002 – Metalpunk TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
2002 – Metalpunk CDr (Selfreleased, NL)
2003 – Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10″ (UPS, NL / DP (Or Not DP), NL / Malinke, GER / Svaveldioxid, LUX / Squawk, FRA / Pozoin Banaketak, SPA)
2004 – Makiladoras / Radio Bikini 7” EP (UPS, NL / DP (Or Not DP), NL / Tofu Guerrilla, GER / Svaveldioxid, LUX / Amber Records, BEL / Trabuc Records, SPA)
2005 – Discography 2001-2004 CD (Bullwhip Records, MAL / Cactus Records, MAL)
2005 – In Eigen Hand 12” LP (DP (Or Not DP), NL / Tofu Guerrilla, GER / Svaveldioxid, LUX / Squawk, FRA / Trabuc Records, SPA / Antirock, NOR / Kickrock, FRA / Canard Musique, FRA / Mala Raza, SPA / Subversive Ways, FRA / Emancypunx, POL / Opiate, UK / Contamination, GER / Loderbrock, USA)
2005 – Live In Krommenie 15/10/05 CDr (Loderbrock, USA)
2005 – In Eigen Hand CD (Too Circle, JAP)
2007 – Niemandsland 12″ LP (Profane Existence, USA) (canceled)
2012 – Niemandsland 12” LP (Ruination, GER)

2002 – No Hay Futuro Sin HC-Punk Vol. II CD (Logofobia / Produktiones Kostrosas, Spain)
2002 – Maximaal Onthaal CD (Royal Blood Records, NL)
2005 – She’s Punk In! ‎TAPE (Funtomias Records, Germany)
2007 – Profane Existence #54 Sampler CD (Profane Existence, USA)
2009 – La France Pue Volume 1 DVD (PTX Video, France)
200X – Impaled By Chaos TAPE (Reflection Tapes, Germany)
200X – Endless Sickness #3 TAPE (Endless Sickness, Germany)

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2004 – You’re Not Alone 9

(1st lineup: Eva-Michel-Rick-Dennis-Martijn)
2000.04.07 Opdrift, Groningen (+ Harum-Scarum, De Ketters)
2000.04.09 Poortgebouw, Rotterdam (+ Harum-Scarum)
2000.04.15 Vera, Groningen (+ Shikari)
2000.04.20 Krisis, Hilversum (+ Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side, To All My Friends, Shikari)
2000.06.17 Wagenplatz, Hamburg GER (+ Dog Ugly, PCP)

(2nd lineup: Eva-Michel-Rick-Dennis)
2000.10.14 Het Podium, Hoogeveen
2001.02.17 Fabrik, Duisburg GER (+ Seein’Red, Shikari)
2001.02.18 ACU, Utrecht (+ All Tensed Up, Amdi Petersens Armé, Cockroach)

(3rd lineup: Eva-Michel-Rick-Bart)
2001.06.22 Druckluft Festival, Oberhausen GER (+ Ugly Aesthetics, Attila the Stockbrocker’s Barnstormer)
2001.11.17 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ No Rest)
2001.12.18 Carell, Trier GER (+ PCP, Dissoap)
2001.12.19 Atom Chrom, Saint-Étienne FRA (+ PCP, Forstella Ford)
2001.12.20 Kasal Okupado Del Guinardo, Barcelona SPA (+ PCP, Katastrofas)
2001.12.21 A.M. Utopia, Zaragoza SPA (+ PCP, One Foot Outside)
2001.12.22 C.S.O. La Pilona, Valencia SPA ( + PCP, Insurreccion Civil, Terrör System, Disface, Colera)
2001.12.25 Bossanova Club, Puerto de Santa Maria SPA (+ PCP)
2001.12.28 El Barrio, Madrid SPA (+ PCP, Opus Dead)

2002.01.03 Casa De La Juventud, Pancorbo SPA (+ PCP, R.D.T.)
2002.01.04 Orbeko Etxea, Llodio SPA (+ PCP, D.K.V.)
2002.01.05 Gaztetxea de Barañain, Pamplona SPA (+ PCP, Al Ke No Le Guste Ke Se Joda, Desertorax)
2002.01.06 C.S.A. La Cuesta, Arnedo SPA (+PCP)
2002.03.08 A.J.Z., Bielefeld GER (+ Seein’Red, Shikari)
2002.03.09 A.J.Z., Göttingen GER (+ Seein’Red, Shikari)
2002.03.17 Kortsluiting, Utrecht (+ Criatura, Loquero)
2002.03.22 Druckluft, Oberhausen GER (+ Stuff)
2002.03.23 Grünenstrasse 18, Bremen GER (+ Incontrollados, Jimmy Justice)
2002.03.28 Platformtheater, Groningen ( + The Last Mile, From Ashes Rise)
2002.03.31 Café La Diva, Hoogeveen (+ R.N.L., Iconoclast, Vals, Collywobbles, Link)
2002.04.05 Bar & Boos, Leiden (+ Quattro Stagioni, Meutiobill, No Time To Waste, Shitfaced)
2002.04.13 Golden Wonder, Zwolle (+ Narcosis, Live Fast Die Young)
2002.04.14 A.J.Z., Bielefeld GER (+ Narcosis, Machine That Flashes)
2002.04.15 Ungdomshuset, København DEN (+ Narcosis, From Ashes Rise)
2002.04.16 Café Panora, Malmö SWE (+ Narcosis, Skitkids)
2002.04.18 J.A.Z., Rostock GER (+ Narcosis, Wojczech)
2002.04.19 Café Matrax, Hanau GER (+ Narcosis, Destroyer)
2002.05.09 Mukkes, Leeuwarden (+ Ill11!, Room 13, Abuse And Neglect, Vals)
2002.05.11 Groote Weiver, Krommenie (+ Totaal Verlept)
2002.05.12 De Rotte Lijxkes, Gent BEL (+ Ditritus, Trust, Amenra, Vuur, Damn Luckies, Petrograd, Flatpig)
2002.06.08 TNOH, Zeist (+ Mihoen!, Aggra Makabra, Grrzzz, Karacho, Twisted System, Intention, Valium)
2002.06.09 ‘t Ukien, Kampen (+ Dandare, Olho De Gato, Born Suspicious)
2002.06.15 Gloppe, Leeuwarden (+ Yawp, Mihoen!, Screwballs, The Bips, Stitches, Orcastrated, Netnixz, Glubbuh Lulluh, The Ungentlemen, Disturbance, World Curfew)
2002.07.05 Concrete Jungle, Rheden (+ De Hardheid, Counter Attack, Daisy Chain, René Binamé, Olho De Gato)
2002.08.24 Vera Downstage, Groningen (+ Olho de Gato)
2002.09.03 1000 Fryd, Aalborg DEN (+ Execradores)
2002.09.05 Ungdomshuset, København DEN (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.09.06 Paramount, Roskilde DEN (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.09.07 Café Panora, Malmö SWE (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.09.09 Piren, Göteborg SWE (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.09.11 Eldslandet, Jönkoping SWE (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.09.12 Kafé 44, Stockholm SWE (+ Execradores, Sju Svåra År)
2002.11.02 Café La Diva, Hoogeveen (+ Among The Living, No Denial)
2002.11.23 A.Z., Mülheim GER (+ Mihoen!, Völkermord, Allee Der Kosmonauten, Mood, Instinct Of Survival)
2002.11.30 O.J.C. Walhalla, Sevenum (Radio Bikini, Artikel 2, Olho De Gato)
2002.12.11 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Fleas And Lice, Crude)
2002.12.15 ACU, Utrecht (+ Crude, S.A.F.)
2002.12.21 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ PCP, BBK, Absorbed, Lärm As Fuck, Humus, Crude)

2003.02.07 Startloch, Hamburg GER (+ Mihoen!, Burst)
2003.02.08 Grünenstrasse, Bremen GER (+ Mihoen!, Dean Dirg)
2003.02.09 Baracke, Münster GER (+ Mihoen! +1)
2003.02.10 Wageni, Bochum GER (+ Mihoen!)
2003.02.11 La Factory, Liège BEL (+ Abnormi, Mihoen!, Pax Americana)
2003.02.12 K13, Gent BEL (+ Mihoen!, Heretics, Crapulius Caesar, The Furious)
2003.02.13 Alternation, Paris FRA (+ Mihoen!, Chaos ZZZ, Inertie)
2003.02.14 Mistral Gagnant, Saint-Étienne FRA (+ Mihoen!, Against Me!)
2003.02.15 Les Tanneries, Dijon FRA (+ Mihoen!, Vömit För Breakfast)
2003.02.16 Café No Man’s Land, Dudelange LUX (+ Quattro Staggioni)
2003.02.17 Krustenhof, Stemwede GER (+ Normal To Psycho)
2003.02.18 Black Fleck, Potsdam GER
2003.02.19 Kontrollpunkt, Berlin GER
2003.02.28 Pariaschool, Veldhoven (+ Cockroach, Usual Suspects, Heretix)
2003.03.22 Stox, Panningen (+ Cockroach, Jack, Go Ape!) (Woodstox III)
2003.03.29 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, Stack, My Own Lies, S.A.F., Seein’Red, Dead Stop, Razor Crusade, Mihoen!, Olho De Gato, Born Suspicious, Reproach) (Trashfest 3)
2003.04.04 Villa Vriekens, Amsterdam (+ Shikari, S.O.L.)
2003.06.05 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ Hans Martin Slayer)
2003.06.06 Roma 16, Dresden GER (+ M.V.D., Odessa)
2003.06.07 Café Emil, Zittau GER (Tupamaros, Muadib)
2003.06.08 Jugendhaus Kommärzbanck, Hammerstadt GER (+ S.O.L., Evil, Jason, Skrupel, Anger Is Beautiful)
2003.06.09 Co-9, Zwolle (+ Emotie, Matka Teresa, Angry Minded)
2003.06.28 De Vliegende Hond, Utrecht (+ Rebound, Mihoen!, Reproach)
2003.08.09 Café Nastrovja, Zeerijp (+ PCP, Skint)
2003.09.05 Rijzenburcht, Elst (+ Anargeeks, PCP, Fresnel, Man Made Filth)
2003.09.14 De Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag (+ Matka Teresa, Foot In Mouth)
2003.09.19 Schrottbar, Biel SWI (+ Pack, Disbeer, Drotweiler, Mistreaters) (Schrottbar Festival)
2003.09.20 Bandito Asso, Geneve SWI (+ Vömit För Breakfast, Explicit Noise, Hands Of Death)
2003.10.04 Køpi, Berlin GER (+ Restarts, Citizens Fish)
2003.10.05 Stary Browar, Zielona Góra POL (+ Bloodsteined)
2003.10.07 La Wagon, Wrocław POL (+ Poltergeist)
2003.10.08 Prístavné Garáže, Bratislava SLOW (+ Rovnou Chodbou)
2003.10.09 E.K.H., Wien AUS (+ Adacta)
2003.10.10 Papirna, Praha CZE (+ Averze)
2003.10.11 Weimar GER (+ Terror Art)
2003.10.12 De Vliegende Hond, Utrecht (+ Ekkaia, Cathode, Urban Blight, Illegality)
2003.10.14 De Brouwerij, Hengelo (+ Ekkaia, Shikari)
2003.11.20 The Lower Deck Portobello, Dublin IRE (+ Already Dead, The Dagda)
2003.11.22 The Wolfhound, Cork IRE (+ Already Dead, (R)evolution Of A Sun)
2003.12.12 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (+ Shikari)
2003.12.20 K.U.Z., Osterholz GER (+ Kobayasi, Chispas)

2004.01.09 Beuningen
2004.02.07 Ubica, Utrecht (+ Dean Dirg, Orange Sunshine, Dr.Reverb, Spider Rico)
2004.02.27 Color Café, Liège BEL (+ Skint)
2004.02.28 Gent BEL (+ Skint)
2004.02.29 Leuven BEL (+ Skint, Intestinal Disease)
2004.03.11 Jerusalem ISR
2004.03.12 Kfar Saba ISR
2004.03.13 Tel Aviv ISR (+ Soon In Here, Who By Fire +3)
2004.03.14 Irish Pub, Kfar Saba ISR
2004.03.26 Bar Le Duc, Groningen (+Ill11!, Skint)
2004.03.28 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Fleas And Lice, Massive Assault, Krush, Antidote, Kent Brockman, Mihoen!, Vals, LD50, PCP, Tumult)
2004.04.10 Co-9, Zwolle (+ Seein’Red, Propagator, Relapsing Fever)
2004.05.06 The Swan, London UK (+ Mihoen!, Flyblown)
2004.05.07 The Talbot, Stoke UK (+ Mihoen!, FuckHatePropaganda, Texas Biscuit Bombs, Four Letter Word)
2004.05.08 Bristol UK (+ Mihoen!, Poundaflesh, The Devils)
2004.05.09 Bunker’s Hill Inn, Nottingham UK (+ Mihoen!, Shooting Victor Francis)
2004.05.11 Edinburgh UK (+ Mihoen!)
2004.05.12 Leeds UK (+ Mihoen!, Bickle’s Cab, Freaks Union)
2004.05.13 Indian Queen, Boston UK (+ Mihoen!, Patient Zero, The Phuck Ups)
2004.05.14 Free Butt, Brighton UK (+ Mihoen!, The Unknown, Toketsu)
2004.05.15 King Alfred’s, Southampton UK (+ Mihoen!, The Unknown, Salt Union)
2004.05.27 Poison Club, London UK (+ Fleas And Lice, PCP, Dogshit Sandwich, Anal Thunder)
2004.05.29 G.G.I., Clonrouche IRE (+ Fleas and Lice, Blood or Whiskey, Scunnered, Moutpiece, Easpa Measa, Sherman M4)
2004.06.10 Rokin Squat, Amsterdam (+ Sick Terrror, Dead in the Water)
2004.08.21 Mevrouw Latenstaan, Zoetermeer (+ Mihoen!, Fiskales Ad-Hok, Hysteria, Gewapend Beton)

(4th lineup: Eva-Michel-Rick-Michael)
2004.09.04 Occultfest, Hoogeveen (+ God Dethroned, Vortex, Katafalk, Black Rodeo, Massive Assault, Pleurisy, As It Burns, Devious, C Of E, Unauthorized, Methusalem, Morning, Mortuary I.O.D.)
2004.10.02 Squattus Dei, Leuven BEL (+ 3)
2004.10.03 A.Z., Mülheim GER (+ Cockroach)
2004.10.08 Carlo Levi, Liège BEL (+ PCP, The Dagda +1)
2004.10.21 De Brouwerij, Hengelo (+ Ação Direta, Neuron, Jobcrusher)
2004.10.22 Dump, Utrecht (+ Fleas And Lice, Die Nakse Bananen, Bricktop)
2004.11.09 Simplon, Groningen (+ Mihoen!, The Kickers, Dandare)
2004.12.31 Lobusch, Hamburg GER (+ The Nazi Dogs, Orangaetaeng, Scheisse Minnelli)

2005.01.28 A.Z., Mülheim GER (+ Gewapend Beton, Zuschanden + 2)
2005.01.14 La Cave, Groningen (+1)
2005.02.04 Bauwagenplatz, Köln GER (+ Drown In Blood, Tankobot)
2005.02.05 Storing, Utrecht (+ Glubbe Lulluh, Beans, Operation Marketgarden + 1)
2005.02.19 Rokin Squat, Amsterdam (+ Radio Bikini)
2005.02.25 Alcahel, Gent BEL (+ Radio Bikini)
2005.03.05 Iduna, Drachten (+ Seein’Red, Fleas And Lice, Animosity, Humus, Mihoen!, Jobcrusher, Asunder, Skint, Kriegstanz, Vals)
2005.03.06 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Radio Bikini)
2005.03.18 Vera, Groningen (+ Fleas And Lice, Drug Dealers)
2005.03.23 Peniche Alternat, Paris FRA (+ The Bitch Slappers, Bonehouse, Micro_Penis, Beach Bones, Skityouth Army, Lutece Borgia, Sakamerde, La Veru Berlue, Dr. Eggs, Munda Di Mierdo, Side Effect, Pétrifié)
2005.03.24 L’Éléphant Pub, Saint-Étienne FRA (+ Human Alert , Grzzz , C.T.B)
2005.03.25 Rock & Trini, Barcelona SPA (+ Massmierda, Human Bastard)
2005.03.27 Udondo Gaztetxea Leioa, Bilbao SPA (+ Erantzun + 1)
2005.03.28 Orbeko Etxea, Llodio SPA (+ Erantzun)
2005.03.29 Mogambo, Trintxerpe SPA (+ Erantzun)
2005.03.30 Le Local Du C.L.A.V., Bordeaux FRA (+ Holy Fucking Shit!, Aknowledge)
2005.03.31 Mat’sa Cafe, La Roche Sur Yon FRA (+ The Mad Thrashers)
2005.04.01 Le Subway, Vallet FRA (+ 1)
2005.04.02 Le Floride, Nantes FRA (+ Craft + Lout Society Kurse)
2005.04.03 Le Labo, Lille FRA (+ 2)
2005.04.28 Schlachthof, Bremen GER (+ Ballast)
2005.05.14 Bar & Boos, Leiden (+ Radio Bikini)
2005.05.26 Ex-Steffi, Karlsruhe GER (+ Bloodbastard, Kurwa Aparata)
2005.05.27 K.T.S., Freiburg GER (+ Bloodbastard, Irma & Luise, Kurwa Aparata, Ratfink)
2005.06.14 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (+ Radio Bikini, HBG)
2005.06.18 J.Z., Herzogenrath GER (+ Killer Beat Commando, Kill This Dream, The 244 GL, A Case Of Granada, Jupiter Jones, Shutcombo, Chefdenker, STM, Estrella Negra, Peters, Eaves, A.M.Thawn, Boonaraaas, Bubonix)
2005.06.19 M.J.Z. 3 Maisons, Nancy FRA (+ Richard Durn, Youth Rumble)
2005.06.25 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Oi Polloi, Restless Youth, Officer Jones, The Shining, Hellstrom, Eaves, Army Of Flying Robots, Omission, Spacehorse, Zann, Malkovich, Justice, Bones Brigade) (Trashfest 9)
2005.06.29 ACU, Utrecht (+ Kriegstanz, Seein’Red)
2005.06.30 De Raad, Alkmaar (+ La Fraction, Juju Queens, La Casa Fantom)
2005.08.13 Pool Of Death Party, Hollandscheveld (+ Massive Assault, Cretins, Bloodbastard, Gascoine)
2005.08.26 Opel Garage, Zwolle (+ Symmetry In Chaos, Jesus Crøst)
2005.09.10 M.C. De Bosuil, Weert (+Seein’Red, Radio Bikini, George Bitch JR, Kriegstanz, Sangre, Krush, Blood I Bleed, Mihoen!, Fubar, My Reply, Gascoine, Filthpact, From The Ashes, S.A.F., Rupsband)
2005.09.20 Ungdomshuset, København DEN (+ Armagedom, Nuclear Death Terror)
2005.09.21 Fullersta, Stockholm SWE (+ Armagedom, Guantanamo Bay)
2005.09.22 Factory Bar, Helsinki FIN (+ Armagedom, Força Macabra, Rythmihäiriö)
2005.09.23 Vastavirta, Tampere FIN (+ Armagedom, Força Macabra + 1)
2005.09.24 Räyskä 40th Anniversary Party, Helsinki FIN (+ Armagedom, Appendix, Força Macabra, Kohu–63, Unkind, Kuolema)
2005.09.27 J.A.Z., Rostock GER (+ Armagedom, Catheter)
2005.09.28 Koma F, Berlin GER (+ Armagedom)
2005.09.29 Rote Flora, Hamburg GER (+ Armagedom, Migra Violenta)
2005.09.30 Bar Le Duc, Groningen (+ Armagedom)
2005.10.01 A.J.Z., Bielefeld GER (+ Armagedom, No Hope For The Kids, Death Token, Burial, The Now-Denial, Doomtown)
2005.10.08 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Kylesa, Ictus)
2005.10.15 De Groote Weiver, Krommenie (+ Roll The Dice, Lowlife)
2005.11.25 Druckluft, Oberhausen GER (+ NKP)
2005.11.25 A.Z., Mülheim GER (+ The Shining, Panzerdivision Fukked Up)
2005.11.26 O.J.V. Koornbeurs, Delft (+ Corrosives, Hateful, The Better Offs, Sidekickbob, Rene SG, Mise En Scene
2005.12.10 Inferno Euro Squat, Den Bosch (+ Molotov, Man Made Filth, Fart)
2005.12.17 Plexat, Heemstede (+ The Nurse, Noctophyle)
2005.12.24 De Raad, Alkmaar (+ Man Made Filth, Jobcrusher)

2006.01.14 De Revolutie, Nijmegen (+ Cervix, Antillectual, Skint, Galbak, Marklar, Man Made Filth)
2006.01.20 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Gewapend Beton, The Corrosives + 1)
2006.01.21 Eurodusnie, Leiden (+ Link, SweetSweet)
2006.01.24 L’Auberge De L’Ecluse, Paris FRA (+ Agonie, Decombres, Jolec6)
2006.01.26 Le Barbar De La Mar, Nantes FRA
2006.01.27 Le Subway, Vallet FRA (+ Michel Platinium, Primal Van Kirk, Puanteur Crack)
2006.01.28 Le Grand Moulin, Bourg Des Comptes FRA (+ Agonie + 4)
2006.02.03 Opdrift, Groningen (+ Mindføk, Bloodbastard)
2006.03.01 C.R.K., Wrocław POL (+ Wojtyła)
2006.03.02 Klub Schron, Piekary Śląskie POL (+ Dimitrij)
2006.03.03 Kawiarnia Naukowa, Kraków POL (+ Superapes)
2006.03.04 Formalina, Rzeszów POL (+ H.407, M.W.T.R.N.O.)
2006.03.05 Bar Majka, Biłgoraj POL (+ Pagdalan, Run Riot, Rearrange)
2006.03.06 Club Pizza Rugby, Lublin POL (+ Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow, I Know)
2006.03.07 Reaktywacja, Białystok POL (+ Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow)
2006.03.08 Przepompownia, Szczytno POL (+ I Know, Out Of Control)
2006.03.09 La Strada, Łódź POL (+ I Know, Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow)
2006.03.10 Squat Elba, Warszawa POL (+ I Know, Kommisar X)
2006.03.11 Club Orbital, Gdańsk POL (+ Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow)
2006.03.12 Café Mięsna, Poznań POL (+ Next Victim, Indignate)
2006.03.13 Skłot Awaria, Zielona Góra POL (+ Next Victim)
2006.03.14 Koma F, Berlin GER
2006.03.25 Woudenbergseweg, Zeist (+ Link, Barfight)
2006.03.26 dB’s, Utrecht (+ High Treason, Civil Terror, Link)
2006.06.24 Het Podium, Hoogeveen (+ Bones Brigade, Gilgamesh, Insult, Skidkids, Nightmare, Endstand, The Now Denial, Tubers, Bombenalarm, Dean Dirg, Doomtown, Racebannon, Battleship, Kidd Blunt, Kamikatze, Grinding Halt) (Trashfest 11)