Makiladoras, Superapes @ Kawiarnia Naukowa, Kraków POL 03 March 2006

Short drive to Kraków so we hang out at Lenin’s place, do some internet, hear some good new Polish bands and get brainwashed by this truly awful GORILLA BISCUITS coversong by TANGLED LINES. Sure made us move a bit faster. With Michał’s help we easily find the small yet cosy pub. It’s in the Jewish quarter of the city so we see masses tourists. We meet crazy Marian, the organiser for this show. I already know him coz he is the one who hitchhiked to the final SHIKARI show last year. On his back in a military backpan, he carries his “Supa Marian”, definitely the best food we will have on this tour. This even equals with Potsdam, Leipzig and Berlin food (Hallo Jörn!). Suddenly there’s a lot of screaming and noise. We see cops appearing in the street and we’re thinking of hooligans… It’s very weird sounds in between screaming and singing so in big hesitance we walk towards the scary noise and it appears to be some kind of Jewish service. We’re now getting used to this for us rather unusual schedule of playing early shows. The routine is arrive around 17.00 at the organizer’s place for welcome and warm food, then drive to the venue and set up the equipment. First band starts around 19.00-19.30, finish at around 22.00-22.30, stay some time at the venue and mostly arrive at the sleepingplace before midnight. This will prove to be a much healthier schedule then our European routines: arrive at 19.00, food, wait, concertstart at 23.00-23.30, finish around 3.00-3.30 and no sleep before 5.00. Not too many people show up, I guess around 25. We’re told Kraków has a split scene between 77 punk and emo. We’re neither so that explains. I meet with Krolik from Gdansk, who also organizes our gig there. We play our complete set, and when we hear SUPERAPES have not arrived yet, we’ll play 5-6 more songs. Probably the longest set we ever did. At 21.40 they finally arrive and can play until 22.20. Sloppy punkrock with keyboards and enthousiast female vocals. We do afterparty with Supa Marian, the Slowakians drive back home again and we have a snowfight in the night.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Superapes (Čadca, Slovakia)