Makiladoras, H.407, M.W.T.R.N.O. @ Formalina, Rzeszów POL 04 March 2006

Sightseeing in rainy Kraków with guide Marian and fallafel breakfast! The old centre, Stare Miasto, is quite beautiful and we have an extensive look in and around the Wawel castle and Cathedral. Also we see some locations where the movie Schindler’s List was shot. Around 16.00 we start driving to Tukan’s, the organiser, place. We take Marian with us and are warmly welcomed and receive a really big meal. The concertplace is once again a small pub with great ambiance. I have some fun with the drummer of NWTRNO. He needs to borrow about everything from me coz his sticks are more like spears so to save my skins I offer him a pair of normal ones. His cymbals are trashed beyone imagination so he can borrow some of mine and his pedal is fucked. They play fucking catchy and infectious Polish language punkrock. Kinda sloppy but with a lot of energy and enthousiasm. I love it! The place starts filling and when H.407 starts, the place is packed. It’s wellplayed grindcore but unfortunately I mostly hear bassguitar. About most bassplayers put their amps way too loud on Rick’s 80 kg 8×10” Ampeg cabinet. Usually the soundcheck plus the first 2-3 songs ALWAYS have too much bass. Too bad this band has it their entire set. When Makiladoras plays, the crowd goes berserk. I have a metaldude permanently in between my cymbals going crazy and shaking my hands in between songs. In around the middle of the set, there’s another one joining him… Unfortunately we can’t finish the set coz the cops arrive once again. That’s number 2. We have a great afterparty, I get hassled by metaldude a lot but the singer of NWTNRO saves me a couple times. Everybody helps carrying the backline to the van so we’re finished fast as a shark. On our way back to Tukan’s place, the front window of our van cracks because of the freezing cold (going down to minus 15). Nothing too serious but we definitely need to replace it sooner than later. When we return, we get a lot of warm food again. After a couple hours, when we show signs of sleepiness, we get offered a quiet room.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
H.407 (Podkarpacie, Poland)
M.W.T.R.N.O. (Rzeszów, Poland)