Makiladoras, I Know, Kommissar X @ Squat Elba, Warszawa POL 10 March 2006

Sławek, Eva and me are going to continue our neverending quest for soy. We eventually end up in a huge shoppingmall where we try Tesco and find several shelves with vegetarian products. Mission accomplished! We hurry back to the van and notice how depressing and grey this big city actually is. After some looking and asking around, we find the Elba squat in Warszawa. It is basically 2 buildings, one for living and one for activities and concerts. The backyard has about 20 cm snow so we get stuck after 20 metres. We try to get the snowchains on but somehow it doesn’t work so we have to carry the backline some 100 metres extra. After one hour of fumbling, Olenka and me discover the trick. Have to completely dig out the wheels to make them chains fit. Fuck too simple! In the meantime it appears our vocal amplifier is broken and we reunite with Marian again! I get some warm food and notice it starts snowing again. Fortunately it’s not as cold as the former days. I KNOW plays a great final set and we’re invited to do an interview in the other building. Instead, I start collecting parts of my kit coz I will be playing on the German kit. Can’t wait to use 2 toms again. KOMMISSAR X is hilarious. Kind of HUMAN ALERT in it’s best time, emphasing on humour and theatre. Musically it’s overthetop retrotrash mixed with grindy parts and popular soundtrack tunes from old movies. Very entertaining and the crowd loves it. During our set, I have major troubles with the kit. All skins are so extremely loose resulting in no backkick or any sound. I fight my way to the end and learned my lesson well. After the gig, Rick meets with some of his heroes from Post Regiment. We say goodbye to Michał, push the Kommissar van off the backyard and stay at a nice house in the centre of Warszawa. We get introduced by the atrocious smelly feet of Marian.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
I Know (Belarus)
Kommissar X (Germany)