Makiladoras, Kylesa, Ictus @ OCCII, Amsterdam 08 October 2005

On our way to the Amsterdam gig, not too far from our rehearsalroom, we get intercepted by a (leased) car who missed a red light. The woman behind the wheel explains she had a blackout. One meter later and Eva was no more…. All 5 of us (plus the backline) were allright and the woman was saved by airbags. The towingcompany made a stop at our rehearsal so we could get everything back in again. We borrowed a car from Eva’s father and still did the Amsterdam gig but it was more like a dream. The van was declared totaled, while it was brand new and we just had it rebuilt as a tourvan. Eventually with the insurance money, we bought the Cavia Express 4.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Kylesa (USA)
Ictus (Spain)