(2015 – 2017)

Bio: Jeroen reacts on an advertisement by Eva. It’s easy to find the rest. Change their name into Persona Non Data because of another punkband with the same name.

Description: Hardcorepunk

Eva Oling – drums & vocals
Róisín Downs – vocals
Rick Schonewille – bass
Jeroen van der Veen – guitar

Other bands:
Eva Oling – Power From Arse, Makiladoras, No I.D., Minamata Disease, Link, Noodweer, Persona Non Data, Stresssysteem
Róisín Downs – Malamondo, Persona Non Data, Parallax Smile
Rick Schonewille – Venders Of Smut, Delta Clone Project, Makiladoras, The Cretins, The Grin, Dead Will Walk, Persona Non Data
Jeroen van der Veen – Motilium, Invictus, Persona Non Data

Concerts: (selected)
2015.07.15 Pino, Groningen (+ Malamondo) (1st gig)
2015.07.30 Bambara, Groningen (+ Blatoidea, Boycott)

2016.05.22 Bambara, Groningen (+ Oaken, Satan’s Mineons)
2016.09.01 Pino, Groningen (+ Killer Jiller, Suicide Bombers)
2016.09.17 Willemeen, Arnhem (+ Krüger, Suffer, Weak Ties, Decide Today, Teethgrinder, Divtech, System Bastard, Malamondo)
2016.09.22 Pino, Groningen (+ Marjinal)

2017.02.19 Bambara, Groningen (+ System Bastard, Subhumans)