(1988 – 1998)

Meaning bandname: The name is taken from a British children television-series with the same name (aired in the early 70’s and also released as a series of paperback-books). It is about the adventures of the magician Catweazle in the late middle-ages. Bad luck throws him into the present time. Sympathising with alot of the symbolism used in this series (“feeling isolated and alienated in this age of high technology, speed and profit”), it is decided to use this name for the band.

Bio: After an improvised gig of Conspiracy Of Poimar in the local W.N.C. squat in july 1988, Michael is asked by Trofoblast to replace Maynard the drummer who wants to take over 2nd mike. The name is changed into Catweazle and the first concert is done within 2 months of intense rehearsals because Michael is not a drummer.
Around 1990 Maynard and Mark, the original singers, leave the band. Mark went to play with local ska-band Dr. Phybes, other reggae projects and making techno-music under the name Celtic. Maynard continues playing with Fleas And Lice and starts PCP in 1996. In 1990 the W.N.C. rehearsalroom gets replaced by a place in the O.R.K.Z. and until 1993 there’s still weekly rehearsals.
Around 1992, still without a vocalist, Johan leaves the band. He continues playing for Dr. Phybes, Jeff Minter Experience and being active in the techno-scene as Symbiont/Symbiotic plus joins Fermented in 1994.
Soon, Erik joins as bassplayer and Emil as a new vocalist. The style changes to a somewhat more melodic approach but still uptempo. All members have their different individual musical taste and this eventually makes Catweazle very hard to label.
In October 1995 they record in the Bunt’s Studio in Utrecht. JIP Records from Canada is supposed to release the 7″ EP but disappears completely. Through the internet they got in contact with Profane Existence Far East who puts out the “Cash And Pain Remain” 3″ CD in March 1996.
May 1997 was an highlight with a French/Spanish tour where they play some of their best concerts in squats, youthcenters, bars, union-buildings, theatres, cellars… Some other records are put out after this tour and in October 1998 Axe leaves and the band breaks up.

Old Line-Up: Michael-Maynard- Johan-Axe-Mark (Drawing by Maarten Heinstra)

Lyrics: Deal with political, social and personal topics. (in Dutch, English and Spanish language)

Description: From 1988–1990, it is a more basic sound with alot of uptempo, grindy tempo’s and double vocals. The style changes into uptempo metallic/melodic hardcore.

Axe Kooi – guitar
Michael Kopijn aka Michael Bacteria – drums
Emil Reason – vocals (1992-1998)
Erik Timmerman – bass (1992-1998)

Johan Meerholz – bass (1988-1992)
Mark Veenhuizen – vocals (1988-1990)
Maynard Schut † – vocals (1988-1990)

Other bands:
Axe Kooi – Jeff Minter Experience, Ministry Of Terror, Buiten Adem
Michael Kopijn – PuinhoopBloedbad, Kastroboys, Conspiracy Of Poimar, PCP, Tuco Ramirez, Shikari, Makiladoras, R.O Conspiracy, Intensity
Emil Reason – Yphobia, The Last Mile
Johan Meerholz – Fermented, Jeff Minter Experience, Dr. Phybes, Get Ugly, Monsters From Outer Ska
Mark Veenhuizen – Dr. Phybes, Keltik
Maynard Schut – Buiten Adem, Mushroom Attack, E.N.E., Get Ugly, Fermented, Fleas And Lice, PCP, Kaïn, Bullshit Science, Dog Ugly, Descent To Hell, Indifferent Sun, Link, Malamondo, Scumnation, System Bastard, Parallax Smile, Sjackie Goes To Stitswerd

1989 – Catweazle TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1993 – Catweazle TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1993 – D.I.Y. Promo Tape TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1994 – Catweazle TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1996 – Cash And Pain Remain 3” MCD (Profane Existence Far East, JAP)
1997 – 10” with Seein’Red (Wicked Kangaroo, NL / Anomie, GER / Farewell, GER)
1997 – Form Of Fear 7″ EP (Bad Card, FRA / Revolution, FRA)
1997 – Catweazle Tour Report VHS (Bacteria, NL)

1989 – The Choice Is Mine 3 TAPE (XPX, JAP)
1989 – Time Is Running Out! TAPE (S.Y.F., GER)
1990 – Contamination Process TAPE (Ammonia Tapes, CAN)
1990 – Decapitated Vol. II TAPE (Decapitated Records, GRE)
1990 – Is Punk Reall Dead? TAPE (B-Product Release, BEL)
1990 – Press The Play Button And Listen! TAPE (Samarx Tapes, GER)
1990 – Speed N Thrash TAPE (A. Boucher, FRA)
1990 – Mentally Broken Vol. 3 TAPE (Broken Tapes, FRA)
1990 – Delirium Tremens Nr: 15 TAPE (Delirium Tremens, SWE)
1991 – Grinding Morbidity 4 TAPE (Grinding Morbidity Tapes, BEL)
1994 – Hasenwiderstand TAPE (Urin Produktion, GER)
1995 – Bits Of Noise 2 CD (WRF Records, NL)
1996 – No Fate Vol. 2 2xCD (HG Fact, JAP)
1997 – UPS Nederpunk Tape TAPE (UPS, NL)
1997 – Best Of PEFE Vol. 1 CD (Profane Existence Far East, JAP)
1998 – Holland Sux LP/CD/TAPE (Bitzcore, GER)
1998 – Kids For Kids TAPE (Slaves Of Mainstream Productions, NL)
1998 – DP (Or Not DP) # 1 TAPE (DP (Or Not DP), NL)
1998 – Idiomes CD (Stonehenge Records, FRA)

1993 – Overgrown Corpse VIDEO
1997 – Unreleased
1990 – 1998 – Rehearsals

Logo’s, Ads And Designs
Flyers for canceled gigs
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Chain Of Strength – Never Understand
Hard Stance – Face Reality
Deathside – Wall
Sick Of It All – Just Look Around

1989 – Decapited 5
1997 – 5 Vor 12
1997 – UPS 2
1997 – Earquake (27.04.1997)
1997 – SxEx News
1998 – Monkey 4
1998 – Asepsis (July 1998)

(1st lineup: Axe, Johan, Michael, Maynard, Mark)
1988.09.30 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Means To An End)
1988.10.08 Simplon, Groningen (+ Moonlizards, Means To An End)
1988.11.11 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Means To An End, Dikke Løl)
1988.12.05 W.N.C., Groningen (+ E.N.E., Oerboere)

1989.02.13 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Dreadful)
1989.04.22 J.Z. Schlachthof, Aurich GER (+ Systematic Massmurder)
1989.04.29 Zaal De Baken, Oostende BEL (+ Scraps, Skoundrels, Vortex)
1989.04.30 Zaal Germinal, Torhout BEL (+ René Binamé, Yum Yum Club, M.O.P., Chronic Disease, Membranes)
1989.06.24 Het Bolwerk, Sneek (+ Soulside, Disgrace, War Dance)
1989.07.04 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Amputatis)
1989.07.22 Geronimo, Rotterdam (+ Agathocles, Estaban, Kooz Killz Applemooz, Chronical Diarrhoea)
1989.09.17 Het Pakhuis, Heerenveen (+ Disgrace)
1989.09.23 De Boerderij, Peizerweg, Groningen (+ Oerboere, Human Error, Cry Of Terror, Neuroot)
1989.10.13 Schlachthof, Bremen GER (+ Oerboere, Human Error)
1989.10.28 Breehuis, Leiden (+ Estaban)
1989.11.08 Kiehool, Bergum (+ Disgrace)
1989.11.18 Bunker, Eindhoven (+ Oerboere, Reality Attack)
1989.11.26 W.N.C., Groningen (+ C.K.N., Reality Attack, Union Morbide, 2000 Dirty Squatters)

1990.05.19 Breehuis, Leiden (+ Rat Patrol)

(2nd lineup: Axe, Michael, Erik, Emil)
1994.01.15 Kraneweg 1, Groningen (+ Yphobia, S.A.F.)
1994.02.19 Bar En Boos, Leiden (+ Yphobia)
1994.03.09 Simplon, Groningen (+ Jughead’s Revenge)
1994.04.29 Maupzicht, Amsterdam (+ Brezhnev, Laberinto)
1994.06.03 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ Grimskunk)
1994.10.09 Kraneweg 1, Groningen (+ Oi Polloi)
1994.12.10 Nieuwe Dijk 134, Amsterdam (+ H.M.F., Mauser FK)

1995.02.10 De Groote Weiver, Krommenie (+ Last Embrace)
1995.02.24 Simplon Café, Groningen (+ No I.D.)
1995.02.25 Villa Omval, Amsterdam (+ No I.D., Insubordination)
1995.05.19 J.U.Z. St. Josef, Gronau GER (+ No I.D., Pushrod)
1995.05.20 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Ministry Of Terror)
1995.07.01 Metropool, Hengelo (+ Feeding The Fire, Seein’Red, Schwarzeneggar)
1995.07.09 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Boycot, Stock Ready, Dichters Uit Epibreren, Flying Embryo’s, Absconded, Panty Boy, Undeclinable Ambuscade, Human Alert)
1995.09.17 Vort’n Vis, Ieper BEL (+ Spite, Glue, Extinction Of Mankind, Uutuus)
1995.10.12 De Bliksem, Den Helder 
1995.10.21 Elektra, Sliedrecht (+ Butt Plug, The Obnoxious)
1995.12.08 ACU, Utrecht (+ Alians)
1995.12.15 Hartenaasje Q8-Terrein, Deventer (+ Blue Sofa)

1996.02.07 Simplon Café, Groningen (+ New Friend, 88 Fingers Louie)
1996.03.09 Stathuys, Leiden (+ Rat Patrol)
1996.04.20 Kalashnikov, Terneuzen (+ Heideroosjes)
1996.04.30 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Sick Excuse, Lovebite)
1996.05.09 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Ausrotten)
1996.05.10 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Malphunkshun, Portobello Bones)
1996.05.11 Xinix, Nieuwedijk (+ Teenage Warning, Rat Patrol)
1996.06.29 Troll, Hoorn (+ Distress, Insane Youth, P.O.E.P., Aso, LD50)
1996.09.12 Vrieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam
1996.10.10 Grünenstrasse 18, Bremen GER (+ Mörser, Dropdead)
1996.10.11 Köpi, Berlijn GER (+ Post Regiment)
1996.10.12 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ Post Regiment, Manos, Live Wire)
1996.10.13 Schieszhaus, Zeulenroda GER (+ The Jack Of All Trades, Wojczech)
1996.10.26 J.C. De Hoogte, Enkhuizen (+ Deluge, Asmodeus)
1996.11.16 Het Bolwerk, Sneek (+ Seein’Red, Straightfaced, Ignite, Total Chaos, Cooper)
1996.12.08 Swaf, Hoorn (+ Vastatrix)
1996.12.20 J.C. Volta, Amsterdam (+ Stack, Los Crudos, Seein’Red, Acheborn)
1996.12.27 Simplon Café, Groningen 

1997.01.15 Café Flop, Hamburg GER (+ Jacøpsae, Selfish)
1997.01.16 J.A.Z., Rostock GER (+ Selfish)
1997.01.17 J.A.Z., Neubrandenburg GER (+ Radio Schizo, Unsilent Minority)
1997.01.18 T-Stube, Rendsburg GER (+ Satanic Boozer)
1997.01.19 Archiv, Potsdam GER (+ Cut Your Hair)
1997.02.08 Tinck, Hoogeveen (+ Bullshit Propaganda, Seein’Red)
1997.02.21 Goudvishal, Arnhem (+ Core)
1997.03.15 Kalasnikov, Terneuzen (+ No I.D.)
1997.04.18 Alhambra, Oldenburg GER (+ Systral, No Respect, Tatort, Piece Of Mind)
1997.05.03 Au Charleston, Cherbourg FRA (+ Shoved, Aside)
1997.05.04 Chez Emile, Rouen FRA (+ Furious Bastards, Aside)
1997.05.05 Bar Associatif Le Vendemiare, Montreuil FRA (+ Ahimsa)
1997.05.06 Le Plage, Nantes FRA (+ Ahimsa, Toxxic TV)
1997.05.07 Gasteizko Gaztetxea, Vitoria SPA
1997.05.08 Gaztetxe De Portugalete, Bilbao SPA
1997.05.09 C.S.A., Gijon SPA (+ Growing Up, Vad Har)
1997.05.10 Pub La Candelaria, Oviedo SPA (+ Outcry, Growing Up, Kens)
1997.05.11 El Bar Traste, Valladolid SPA
1997.05.12 Ateneo Libertario De Villaverde, Madrid SPA (+ Agarrate)
1997.05.14 Ateneo Libertario, Zaragoza SPA
1997.05.15 Ateneu, Badalona SPA (+ E-150)
1997.05.16 L’Entrepots, Saint-Étienne FRA (+ Uneven)
1997.05.17 Salle des Fetes, Genlis FRA (+ Forca Macabra, Wojczech, Cut Your Hair, Poupée Mataf)
1997.06.01 O.J.J.C. Trapman, Schagen (+ Deluge)
1997.06.06 Vera, Groningen (+ NRA)
1997.06.08 Willem II, Den Bosch (+ NRA)
1997.06.26 Wageni, Bochum GER
1997.06.27 Michael-Barrax, Frankfurt GER
1997.10.17 De Box, Hoogeveen (+ D.R.A., Seein’Red, Cheapskate)
1997.11.08 Bouneweg, Luxembourg LUX
1997.11.09 C.A.J., Strasbourg FRA
1997.11.11 La Salle, Querqueville FRA
1997.11.12 La Salle, Querqueville FRA (+ Mind Intrusion)
1997.11.14 Café Le Jeans’ To, Nantes FRA
1997.11.15 Mc Ewan’s Pub, St. Jean De La Ruelle FRA (+ Art. 64)
1997.11.30 Vrieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam (+ Showbusiness Giants)
1997.12.12 Fabrik, Duisburg GER (+ Red Eye Express)

1998.02.14 O.J.C. Niks, Horst (+ One More, Aclys, Soma, Tumult)

Lyrics & Explanations: https://www.bacteria.nl/lyrics.html
Interview for Asepsis (CAN): https://www.bacteria.nl/intervie.html