(1986 – 1987)

Bio: Starts as Intensity in 1986 but changes the name into R.O. Conspiracy at the end of 1987. Rehearsals are near Roden but later in the W.N.C. squat in Groningen. The individual political lyrics are written by Theo and Michael. They keep a very strong D.I.Y. ethic. Brotherband is Means Of Coercion.

Lyrics: Political, personal, funstuff

Description: Hardcorepunk

Stefan Blesing – guitar
Manno Bult – drums
Michael Kopijn aka Michael Bacteria – vocals
Theo Vriezen – bass

Other bands:
Stefan Blesing – Buiten Adem, Conspiracy Of Poimar, Means To An End, Spiralsea, Killteam, Whitecourt, R.O Conspiracy
Manno Bult – Spiralsea, Stanza8, SevenHz, R.O Conspiracy
Michael Kopijn – PuinhoopBloedbad, Kastroboys, Conspiracy Of Poimar, Catweazle, PCP, Tuco Ramirez, Shikari, Makiladoras, R.O Conspiracy
Theo Vriezen – L.W.S., Repression, R.O Conspiracy

Concerts: (selected)
1987.05.03 Simplon, Groningen (+ Buiten Adem)
1987.07.10 Manno’s Place, Terheijl
1987.07.28 W.N.C., Groningen (+ L.U.L.L.)
1987.08.01 ‘t Klooster, Groningen (+ M.O.G.)