(2018 – now)

Meaning Bandname: The absence of youthful carefreeness. Having been robbed of a childhood

Bio: Youth Deprivation was formed to attempt and create a fresh and contemporary sound to the Groningen punk scene, in contrast to the more crusty background of most members.
In January 2017 they had their first practice, shortly after which drummer Gijs (Fake-O’s) left the project because of time deprivation.
In June Michel (Entrapment) joined the band and the band continued practicing throughout the summer (writing about half of the material to be featured on the demo). In late September Michel left, also due to time constraints, and the band was again facing drummer deprivation.
In February of 2018 Tim joined the band and the line-up remained stable. YD played their first gig on the 25th of June, together with Canadian bands GAZM and CELL at the Bambara squat in Groningen.
In January 2019 they recorded the I’m Fine demo at Booij Recordings in Franeker, which was digitally released on the 28th. In March they self-released the demo on cassette, limited to 100 copies.
In November 2019 the band returns to the studio in Franeker to record for another release.

Lyrics: Depression, trauma, suicide, mental health, psychiatric disorder

Description: Hardcorepunk

Eva van Dijk – bass
Reynaert Vosveld – guitar, vocals
Tim van der Steen – drums
Stephen – vocals

Other bands:
Eva van Dijk – Noodweer, Human Corrosion, Link, Malamondo, Shoe Eating Rabbits, System Bastard, Mary And The Breakups
Reynaert Vosveld – Komplex, System Bastard, Glitch
Tim van der Steen – Verkrust, Devoid, Coping Mechanism
Steve – Indifferent Sun, System Bastard

2019 – I’m Fine demo TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Booij Recordings, Franeker 01.2019 / Press: 100
2020 – Behind The Lids 12″ EP (Selfreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Booij Recordings, Franeker 23.11.2019 by Douwe Booij / Press: 200

2018.06.25 Bambara, Groningen
2018.08.08 Poofestival, Zuidwolde
2018.09.15 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Tonic All-Stars, Suffering Quota, Hoist The Colours, Soul Theft) (G.G.I. Festival)
2018.11.18 Bambara, Groningen
2018.11.21 Bike Wars, Utrecht
2018.12.15 O.R.K.Z., Groningen

2019.10.13 O.R.K.Z., Groningen (+ Bucket Boyz, Hoppah!, Shoe Eating Rabbits, Shitfaced Mermaids, Nono And The Sinking Ship, Planet Orange, Mister Fillers Monologues) (ADM Benefiet)
2019.04.19 Ivicke, Wassenaar
2019.05.10 Vera, Groningen
2019.05.17 Kopernikus, Hannover GER
2019.05.18 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen
2019.06.01 Bambara, Groningen
2019.06.08 Viadukt, Groningen
2019.07.26 Vogelpop, Ansen
2019.09.12 OCCII, Amsterdam (+ Persona Non Data, Appäratus)
2019.09.13 Lister Damm 65, Hannover GER (+ Persona Non Data, Beton Rot)
2019.09.14 Nieuwe Houtenseweg, Utrecht (+ Persona Non Data, Shoe Eating Rabbits)
2019.09.21 Baracke, Münster GER (+ Fucking Angry, C4Service)
2019.10.13 Lola, Groningen (+ Doom, Neuroot, Hadana)
2019.12.14 Bambara, Groningen (+ Gif, Bait, Forbidden Wizards, Hetze, Pressure Pact, Azijnpisser, Seein’Red, Tense Reaction)

Vera, Groningen 10.05.2019 (Picture by Jan Lentink)
Vera, Groningen 10.05.2019 (Picture by Jan Lentink)
Vera, Groningen 10.05.2019 (Picture by Jan Lentink)
Vera, Groningen 10.05.2019 (Picture by Jan Lentink)
Vera, Groningen 10.05.2019 (Picture by Jan Lentink)