PPPPP = As punk as it can get
PPPP = Very punk

PPP = 50% punk
PP = Has some punk
P = Has little punk

***** = Highly recommended
**** = Very good
*** = Nice watch
** = Could be better
= Pretty bad

Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat: Videocompilatie Van Punkbands In Oktopus 1980-1985
Geurt van Gisteren, 2009 (365 made)
(w/B.G.K., Bizkids, Dance Macabre, Eton Crop, The Ex, Frenz And Frimo’s, Frites Modern, De Groeten, The Nitwitz, No Pigs, Nog Watt, Pistache B.V., Rakketax, Svätsox, Tin Tin, Tox Modell, Workmates, Zowiso, Mick Ness, Minny Pops, Plus Instruments, Scratch, Soviet Sex, Suspect, Zev)
Very good document about this venue that did alot of punkbands. Divided into two parts. First comes the punkfootage (1 or 2 songs by each band) and then the ultrabands that take less time. PPPPP *****

Amsterdam Punk Resurrection
Babeth Mondini-Vanloo, 1979
(w/Soviet Sex, V.D. Patients)
Premieres 12.12.2021 during the presentation of De Paradiso Punkjaren 4 by Oscar Smit.

Andere Tijden: Punk
VPRO, 2012, 30m
(Interviews with Peter ten Seldam/Panic, Beppy Viergever aka Bert Broodje, Michiel Van ‘t Hof/Panic, Piet van Dijk/Panic, Jos Kley aka G.W. Sok/The Ex, Terrie Hessels/The Ex, Peter Pontiac)
(w/Panic, Speedtwins, Ivy Green, The Ex)

Andere Tijden: Die Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
VPRO, 26.08.2001, 26m
(Interviews with Ruth Bouman, Jirina Tjepkema, Thomas Termaat, Jeanette van Sijl/Miami Beach Girls)
(w/ Miami Beach Girls)
Discussion between tons of people and punks about school, work, atombomb etc. They interview the same people again 20 years later and it appears a lot of alcohol and drugs were involved during the initial discussion. Hahaha. PP ***

Groeten Uit Rotterdam
Part 1: Kunst, Koek En Koffie
Part 2: A Black And White Statement
Part 3: Huize Schoonderloo
Dirk Rijneke, Mildred van Leeuwaarden, 1980, 180m
(w/Tändstickorshocks, Revo, Rondos, Sovjets)
Part 1 is about three artists (Cor Kraat, Bob van Persie and Hans Citroen) that expose on a wall in a difficult part of Rotterdam town. Part 2 starts with Pinkel and Rondos, Jules Deelder and a very boring part about the artists of part 1 searching for inspiration in the industrial/harbour part of Rotterdam. Next is a big piece about graffiti which is especially interesting because Pinkel the guitarplayer of Tändstickorshocks and the drummer of Rondos are in a heated discussion with one of the artists. Also we get a look at how things work in the Kaasee venue by means of a meeting. Pinkel and Geert of Tändstickorshocks are followed closely and there’s footage of the Rock Against Religion festival on 26 December 1979. Part 3 starts with the painting of Huize Schoonderloo. We get close views of the inside and how things work. There’s Rondos livefootage, the band in the Backstreet Records shop, the distribution of one of their 7”ers and Raket fanzine plus more graffiti… The interview between Herman/Pin and the drummer of Rondos is very interesting because of their Maoist views. There’s a long piece about the graduation exhibition of some Rondos members and we follow Pinkel again. Finally there’s footage of the dockworkers strike and the benefitgig in Kaasee. It ends with Rondos on the airport, ready to go to the UK to meet Crass. PPPPP ******

Jimmy Is Punk: The Story Of Panic
Duco Donk, 2020, 60m
A crazy documentary about this great band from Amsterdam in English language. Most footage is from a concert in Gouda on 3 May 1978. PPPPP *****

Kroonjuwelen: Hard Times, Good Times, Better Times
Chris van Oers, 2006, 76m

Neon 1-8
Bob Visser, 1979-1980
Airdates: 1: 07.10.1979, 2: 28.10.1979, 3: 25.11.1979, 4: 23.12.1979, 5: 20.01.1980, 6: 17.02.1980, 7: 16.03.1980, 8: 13.04.1980
(Episode 3: Nasmaak, Episode 4: Workmates, Revo, Episode 5: The Scabs, Workmates, The Brommers, Ketchup, Ash-Trays, The Mollesters, Episode 6: The Boobs)

No Fun
Dini Damave, 1980, 30m
(w/Infexion soundtrack, 123 singer)

Onrust! TV
Bram van Splunteren, 1990, 33m
(Interview with Kees Klomp/Brutal Obscenity, Esther Groen/After Dark, Sven Korvemaker & Roel Smit/Courage, Joost & John/L.W.S., Robert & John/Blatant Yobs)
(w/Brutal Obscenity, After Dark, Egghead, Courage, L.W.S., Blatant Yobs)

Ot…En Hoe Zit Het Nou Met Sien? 19.11.1981
1981, 16m
(Interview with Jeanette van Sijl/Miami Beach Girls)
(w/Miami Beach Girls)

Paradiso Still Lives
Marc Geraards, 2008, 64m
Based on the book Paradso Stills by Max Natkiel. People that were photographed then, are filmed 25 years later. The setting, lighting and sound is pretty abominable but the idea is alright. I believe around 100 people are in it, mostly (ex)punx and skins. The website has alot more pictures than the book! PPP **

Dirk Rijneke, Mildred van Leeuwaarden, 1982, 70m
About the guitarplayer of Tändstickorshocks who changes from a communist punk to a settled conservatist with a wife and baby. He will later join the fascist NVU party. Alot of footage is also in Groeten Uit Rotterdam. PP ****

Popzien: Rotterdam Punk
Henk Elenga & Joop de Jong, 1980, 15m
(Interview with Rob/Kaasee)
Extensive live footage of Kotx in the Kaasee venue in Rotterdam and Communication, a very boring reggaeband in Eksit in Rotterdam.

Punk In Paradiso
Monica Kugel, 1978, 40m
(w/Whizz Guy, Ivy Green, Captain Coke, God’s Heart Attack, The Blitzz, Panic, Speedtwins)
About the first punkweekend in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 17-18.02.1978

Punk: Lang Leve De Lol
Alfred B. Broer, 1996, 54m
(Interviews with Jaro/PCX, Louise, John/Sui-cides, Alfred Broer/Sui-cides, Tom, Henk Smit/Kangaroo Records, Jos/De Tichel, Peter van de Abbe aka Eskimo/Jesus And The Gospelfuckers, Monique)
(w/The Scabs)
The Paradiso Stills book from Max Natkiel is the guideline. Jaro and filmmaker Alfred search for some of the persons who are photographed in this book. Some of them live in the very chaotic Oosteinde squat in Amsterdam which was very selfdestructive using dope and living literally the “No Future” lifestyle in strong contrast with the Sarphatistraat squat which was just around the corner where lived punks who wanted to build something like the Koekrand crew. A great documentary about a group of friends who just lived their lives without complication. PPPPP *****

Punk Tegendraads 1976-1991
Gerard Bueters, 1990, 50m
(Interviews with Fred Schrijber/Jesus And The Gospelfuckers, Peter van Bruggen, Jos Kley aka G.W. Sok/The Ex, Diana Ozon, Ingrid/Konkurrent, Mark de Haas/Jesus And The Gospelfuckers, Xandra Rhodes, Ietse Meij, Esther van der Weijden, Nora Bergsma, Wim, Larissa, Peter Klashorst, Hugo Kaagman, Tinie Peereboom)
(w/Speedtwins, The Ex, Ketchup, Soviet Sex)
The voice over and commentaries has been used alot of times on punkrecords coz they’re hilarious. As are the pretty long interviews with artgalleries and fashion designers. It starts off promising but fails after 23 minutes although the graffiti part with Ozon and Kaagman are great again. PPPP ***

Rock Against Religion
Dirk Rijneke, Mildred van Leeuwaarden, 1979, 8m

Rotterdam Ongehoord 4: Ton De Koning
Simone van Tongeren, 2016, 5m
This is an interview with the drummer of Tändstickorshocks from Rotterdam.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 5: Een Revolutie Met Subsidie
Frans Bromet, Constant Meijers, 1996, 56m
(Interviews w/Diana Ozon, Joost Zwagerman, Saskia de Vries, Hugo Kaagman)

Utreg Punx: Punk In Utrecht ’79-‘82
Robbert Bleys, 1992, 30m
(Interviews with Robin/Lullabies, Harry Haakman/Rakketax, Gert van Veen/Hi-Jinx, Ilva Poortvliet/The Nixe, Nicky Meijerink/The Nixe, Hans Burger/Eigenwijs, Jeroen Vedder/Orgie, Casper ten Hoopen/Noxious, Rob/Noxious, Willem Koppenol/N.V. Huis)
(w/Lullabies, Rakketax, Hi-Jinx, The Nixe, Bizon Kidz, Noxious, Cold War Embryo’s, Coïtus Int.)

Utreg Punx 1978-1982
Robbert Bleys, 2021, 60m
Compiled on the occasion of the release of the Utreg Punx LP during Record Store Day and presented in dB’s, Utrecht June 12 2021. This has the same footage as the one above.

Wilde Jaren 6: No Future Forever: Punk, New Wave En Grunge (1976-2000)
Annelies van Erp, 2000, 25m

Wonderland 15.01.1978
Charles Leeuwenkamp, 1978, 45m
(w/The Stranglers @ Paradiso/Amsterdam, The Sex Pistols @ MAF Centrum/Maasbree, Blondie @ Paradiso/Amsterdam, No Fun)

Yoy: Hokkers, Boeren & Koeien
Ingeborg Jansen, Humanistisch Verbond 1998, 23m
(w/Todays’s Reality)
A documentary about a group of young people around Ureterp in the province of Friesland. There’s interviews with some punx and their activities are followed (including a visit to the church!). *** PPPP