(1992 – 1999)

Meaning bandname: No Identity

History: Starts in 1992 as NO LIFE. As NO I.D. had their first gig in July 1994 in the Kraneweg squat. In 1995 they replace Janine with Iris and get a new bassplayer (ex-TEUTONIC TOPS) in 1997. In this same year they release a tape with practiseroom and live-recordings. This tape was a benefit for the W.V.V. (Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij/Workinggroup Freedom for Refugees), a group that protests against a refugeeprison in the northern part of the Netherlands and against the detention of refugees in general. 1998 has a Spanish tour with Aside from Rennes and in 1999 the band splits up.

Lyrics: Most of the lyrics are written in Dutch and English and deal with topics like war, flexwork, addiction, conspiracy-theories, science, hate, burocracy, reality TV and the beauty myth.

Description: Someone once described the music as “metal-hardcore with Crass influences”.

Eva Oling – vocals
Iris Van Doormalen – vocals (1995-1999)
Rommert Pleijzier – guitar
Pelle Lodder – drums
Wienand – bass (1997-1999)

Janine Uunk – vocals (1993-1995)
Anti – bass (1993-1997)

Other bands:
Eva Oling – Power From Arse, Makiladoras, Link, Noodweer, Persona Non Data
Rommert Pleijzier – Yphobia, PCP, The Last Mile
Pelle Lodder – De Stipjes, Fleas And Lice, PCP
Wienand – Teutonic Tops
Janine Uunk – Mushroom Attack
Anti – Blowtorch, De Stipjes, Office Killer

1997 – No I.D. TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1998 – Pictures Of Pain 7″ EP with Aside (Koroshi Records, NL)
1999 – Preaching To The Converted 7” EP (Funai Records, Germany)

1996 – 3. Zoro Festival 26.9. – 28.9.1996 TAPE (Selfreleased, GER)
1997 – Emile Drogt Memorial LP (Selfreleased, NL)
2001 – Proud To Be Gay TAPE (UPS, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
1994.07.01 Kraneweg 1, Groningen (+ Burn, More Brains, Boys In Rain)
1994.09.02 Mariahoeve, Zwanenburg (+ More Brains, Social Cancer, Boys In The Rain)

1995.02.24 Simplon, Groningen (+ Catweazle)
1995.02.25 Villa Omval, Amsterdam (+ Catweazle, Insubordination)
1995.05.19 J.U.Z. St. Josef, Gronau GER (+ Catweazle, Pushrod)

1996.03.09 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Anti Bitch, Harass, Das Nix)
1996.03.10 Vera, Groningen (+ Teutonic Tops, The Sell Outs, De Stipjes)
1996.07.11 De Box, Hoogeveen (+ D.R.A., Yphobia, Antibitch, One Day Closer, Collywobles, Rat Patrol)
1996.09.25 Korax, Erfurt GER (+ Guts Pie Earshot)
1996.09.26 Zoro, Leipzig GER (+ Vide Psychic, Woyczech, Dropdead, La Fraction)
1996.09.29 Boumans, Potsdam GER (+ La Fraction)
1996.11.03 De Box, Hoogeveen (+ D.R.A., De Stipjes, Vendors Of Smut, Jabberwocky, Human Alert, N.R.A.)

1997.02.22 Tinck, Hoogeveen (+ Boycot, Distress)
1997.06.28 La Zone, Liège BEL (+ Chaos Bastards, Distress, Boycot)
1997.11.15 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Yphobia, Seein’Red, Vitamin X, Soberespone)
1997.12.27 Poortgebouw, Rotterdam (+ Harrie, PCP)
1997.12.31 Opdrift, Groningen (+ PCP, Yphobia)

1998.07.25 Centre Cívic La Fonteta, Sant Feliu De Codines SPA (+ Dios Odioso, Protesis, Aside)
1998.07.26 Can Cabrit, Sant Antoni De Vilamajor SPA (+ Outcry, Aside)
1998.07.28 Ateneu, Badalona SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.29 Atzavara Club, Sant Feliu De Guíxols SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.30 Sant Celoni SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.31 C.S.A. Entropia, Zaragoza SPA (+ Baikor, Aside)
1998.08.01 Centro Social Libertario Antracita, Madrid SPA (+ Menos Que Nada, Aside)
1998.08.05 Rock Beer The New, Santander SPA (+ Aside)
1998.08.06 Gasteizko Gaztetxea, Vitoria SPA (+ Aside)
1998.08.07 Deusto Gaztetxea, Bilbao SPA (+ Aside)
1998.09.18 Entrepotdok, Amsterdam (+ Sin Dios, Seein’Red, Dropdead)