(1985 – 1985)

Meaning Bandname: Mix of the manga and Fidel Castro

Bio: Did only a few rehearsals and one concert with Pippi who is also on the Rood Wit Zwart LP as guest singer.

Description: Electropunk

Mark Scheffer – guitar
Michael Kopijn – bass
Nanno van Delden – keyboard
Marion – vocals

Other bands:
Mark Scheffer – Puinhoop, Laika
Michael Kopijn – Puinhoop, Bloedbad, Intensity, R.O.Conspiracy, Conspiracy Of Poimar, Catweazle, Tuco Ramirez, PCP, Shikari, Makiladoras
Nanno van Delden – Kein Produkt, Jetset, Massagraf, Jan Wil Niet Neuken, Massacubadset, Laika

1985 Nieuwendijk (+ Vacuüm)