Makiladoras, I Know, Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow @ La Strada, Łódź POL 09 March 2006

Went out with Sławek to find some supermarket to buy some soy stuff but without any succes. We arrive early in Łódź, and get almost killed on the cityring by a car suddenly leaving a queue on the right side while we passed around 80 km/h. In a reflex I avoided it with just some cm’s space. My co-driver Sławek had to recover. Thanks to him we find the bar, which is somekind of cellar in a residential area. Soon after, the other bands arrive and we get warm food from organizer Olo. Also Michał joins in again! We have some rather interesting discussions with the Belarus punks and exchange experiences and political situations. They are in a truly fucked up situation and I get more and more respect for their activities and struggle. I miss SCARLET and WORDS because of distro duty and checking what’s going on outside coz the cops came and started harrassing and hitting people with their tonfa sticks. It turned out it’s not allowed to have beer in the street. When we play, there’s one crazy woman dancing in front of the drumkit constantly hitting hard on my cymbals resulting in my stands and cymbals getting displaced. After a couple songs I ask her to please stop and she comes behind my kit and try to sit with me on my drumthrone! I have to remove her and fortunately now the crowd starts to help as well. Sławek comes to the rescue and protects the kit so I can play without any concern. After the gig we check the old van of Olenka, driver for I KNOW, and drive to Olo’s huge place in the biggest shoppingstreet of Poland.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Words Mean Nothing (Lublin, Poland)
Scarlet Adorns The Snow (Lublin, Poland)
I Know (Belarus)