Groningen is a small city in the North of Holland, Glasgow is a large city in Scotland and Ireland is an island at the western edge of Europe.

So what’s it about?

Basically the festival is a celebration of the links between the punk rock communities of Groningen in the Netherlands, Glasgow in Scotland and Ireland. Over the last years bands such as Kidd Blunt from Ireland, Brawl from Wexford, Ex-Cathedra from Glasgow and Fleas And Lice from Groningen have toured in each others countries and many friendships have been made between people from the three places. This link is still very much alive with Fleas and Lice having two Glaswegians in the band, Groningen bands Makiladoras, Link and Fleas and Lice touring Ireland on separate occasions and Easpa Measa washing up on the hospitality of Groningen people some summers ago, for example.
Often at other punk festivals and concerts across Europe someone would run up to us declaring their excitement at how “the Irish lot are here” or “the Groningen crew are here” or “the Glasgow lot“ or whatever. Now we aim to have our own festival, to build on the links there already, to build new friendships, to debate and discuss aspects of our punk culture, to have a good time! The festival will take place one weekend a year and will rotate between the three places.

The festival is a two or three day gathering with live bands and other activities. The festival is also an opportunity for you to meet new people, make new friends, discuss and debate and party. We are very open to people organising their own events within the festival so if there is something you want to see happen why not organise it with us? Stalls and distros welcome.

Who is it for?
The festival is for anyone interested in punk and its associated culture. There is no age restrictions on the festival and children are welcome.

DIY & Non Profit
The festival is being organised on a DIY and Non-Profit basis.
 – the event is being organised by punks themselves, not by a commercial promoter, the motivation is celebration not profiteering.
However please note: this is not Witness, Glastonbury, T in the Park or the Pink Pop Festival, there will not be macrobiotic hairdressers etc., however come with an open mind and you will have a good time.
Non profit – all the money from the tickets will go to pay bands, hire equipment, transport, posters etc. The organisers and people working at the festival are doing so from a belief in co-operation and mutual aid rather than to make money.

2004.05.29-30 Conor’s Place, Clonroche IRE
2005.09.16-17 Vera / Barakade / Opdrift, Groningen
2006.09.15-17 The Subway, Edinburgh
2007.08.24-26 Bunker Bar, Belfast IRE
2008.09.05-07 Vera / Het Viadukt / Crowbar, Groningen
2009.09.26-27 Stereo Café Bar, Glasgow
2010.05.30-31 Corner House Pub, Rathnure IRE
2011.06.24-26 Vera / Het Viadukt / Crowbar, Groningen
2012.09.29-30 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
2013.06.29-30 Ballina IRE
2014 Cancelled
2015.09.25-27 Vera / Het Viadukt / Crowbar, Groningen
2016.09.24-25 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
2017.08.19-20 The High Nellie Pub, Garryhill IRE
2018.09.14-16 Vera / Het Viadukt / O’Ceallaigh, Groningen
2019.09.28-29 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
2020 Cancelled
2021 Cancelled
2022.09.16-18 Conlan’s Bar, Booleigh IRE

Made in 2010 by Maia for the Kunststripbeurs in Groningen