About Bacteria
The name is taken from the 1985 compilation LP “Cleanse the Bacteria”. For all activities please see the index below. On tours people know me as Michael Bacteria hence this selective biography:

I am born in Groningen on 4 May 1968 07:07 am. My father plays in bands in the 60’s and 70’s as a bass- or guitarplayer (Coffin, The Starfighters, The Jaguars, Subway) so needless to say I am brought up with alot of music. My parents often take me to the annual and free Sterren in het Bos manifestation with tons of bands. At the end of the 70’s I buy my very first LP at the Elpee recordshop: Salisbury by Uriah Heep, not because I am into hardrock but because there is a Chieftain tank on the sleeve (I get to really appreciate this record in the 90’s). In that time I am very much into the The Police and later I get heavily into Two-Tone ska. Alot of those bands have the energy of punkbands, especially onstage.

When I get in junior high in 1980, I run across punx in higher classes. I start checking the bands on their jackets and schoolbags. My first punk LP is the first three by The Clash that I buy in Avignon, France in the summer of 1981 during a holiday with my parents. Back in Groningen I get more in De Cirkel recordshop like Crass, Dead Kennedys, U.K. Subs and local bands such as Jetset and Massagraf in the Hemmes recordshop who also sell cassettes. Unfortunately inserts of records are often missing at the latter.

Together with a very good friend I visit my very first punkconcert by Bunker from Rotterdam on the Sterren in het Bos festival in August 1981. I am sitting right in front of the band and have a perfect view on the crowd. There I see all the punx from my school plus many more pogoing like there’s no tomorrow.

I get my first and only leather jacket from André Drenth/Subway who was good friends with my parents. Within time it’s full of bandnames and studs.

A punk girl from my friend’s school take us to my first punkconcert in Simplon on 24 april 1982: Vopo’s and End Result. There I also meet Van Gool, a huge skinhead always keen to harass small punx. He is part of the Simplon/Boer’n Punx crew so nobody messes with him. Later he will be leader of the notorious Z-Side Skins (there’s a nice picture of him in the “Inside Z-Side” book) and member of the national nazi-party CP’86.

I form my first band at the Dead Kennedy’s/M.D.C. concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam. There I buy my first copy of Maximum Rock’n’Roll fanzine and we are amazed and inspired by the D.I.Y. ethics of M.D.C.

My leather jacket in 1982

My new band start rehearsing in the cellar of the Grand Theater squat and after hearing the “Boston Not L.A.” LP, we change style from midtempo punk to fast chaoscore. After an incident, we move our practise space to the cellar of our drummer’s home in Haren, a 7 km bicycle drive from home. Later we will join the Rood Wit Zwart collective and use the practiseroom in the O.R.K.Z. squat.

I start to hang around with alot of local punks (Rob & Hanneke/Vacuüm, Ina, Thermo & Korf, the Bloedbad gang, J.P.) and our most popular places to meet are the Swingavond in the Vera and Simplon youthcenters, Het Hijgend Hert bar, the stairs of the municipal building and the Martini Kerkhof.

From Maximum Rock’n’Roll fanzine from the USA, I write countless international addresses for tapetrading because I have no money for buying all the interesting records. The stamps on the countless letters and parcels get soaped or taped for continuous using and eventually saves alot of money. Through Nanno/Jetset I also get to know alot of obscure punkbands because his friend Peter/Slonz also trades alot.

At the Hemmes recordshop I sometimes order particular records from the USA. It usually takes 2 months before you get a postcard through the door informing that the record arrived. It would cost you around 30 guilders at the time which was alot of money, especially for a record.

In June 1983 I stand for the first time in my life on stage in De Buze in Steenwijk. Our bassplayer got stagefright so Thermo joins the band. We practise with him as a second bassplayer after this gig for half a year.

The streets are very violent if you look different. Armyboots already can be a reason to get beat up. I am lucky to have a leader of the Z-Side as a neighbor so I escape countless beatings from local hooligans. But every week and especially on saturdaynights it was pretty dangerous outside unless you are in a big group.

During a vacation in Southern France we crash on a campingsite near Vence. There we meet fellow punx and get good friends. I get hooked on the first Chaos En France LP and we get back there in 1985.

In France 1983

In 1984 I join Bloedbad as a singer and organize my first concert in Vera for Negazione and Declino. I am in good contact with Michele, the Negazione drummer and start to distribute for Belfagor Records from Italy.

I design the first concertflyers and get the advance tape for the Exodus first LP (then called “A Lesson In Violence”) from Voitto Vasko from Finland which is yet another lifechanging event.

In the summer I and a good friend go on an interrail trip to Scandinavia to visit some of my penfriends. We stay at Anderz Nielsen/Enola Gay & Bibi/Electric Deads, the Razor Blades family, Ake Henrikkson/Mob 47, Vote Vasko/P. Tuotanto to name a few. And I never forget our visit to the Roskilde Festival where we get in for free doing some tricks (thanx Kent Nielsen!) and see bands such as Killing Joke and Witch Cross.

At Vote’s place in Jyväskylä, we meet Mäkinen/Kuolema who also crashed there and got us hooked on horrormovies. He shows us Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond and House By The Cemetary plus Evil Dead. When we crash the Razor Blades place, we got to see both Friday the 13th films with the entire family.

I start going to metalconcerts. Somehow I’m very guitar orientated and am blown away by the metalsound. Unfortunately most lyrics and attitude totally sucks. It proves a serious problem because alot of metalheads have extreme right sympathies. Also I have a problem with the stage act which is often made and artificial. I prefer the punkgigs because there’s much more conviction and enthusiasm on stage.

At the end of 1985 I meet Mike through an advertisement in a metalmagazine. We take eachother to gigs and trade alot of tapes. We also get into watching alot of horror videos because my parents own a Betamax recorder. When they change to the VHS system, we see all horrorvideos availabe at the 3 local videorentals. Also I get into computers because my mother got an Olivetti M19 with two 360kb 5.25 floppydrives (a 8086 computer) for her work. This was a time it takes 3 floppies to start up MS-DOS and another 5 to get going with a wordprocessing program like Word Perfect. Needless to say Mike and me also spent alot of time behind the screen mainly playing the highly addictive Digger game.

The following years we go to the gigs in the newly squatted W.N.C., hang with Patrick who works at Tante Leny/Modern Papier for Pick Fokkens, and get to know a shitload of new punx from just outside Groningen. We end up in different bands, but often join eachother. My band use to practise every week in Terheijl, a small village 20 km’s from Groningen, in the bedroom of our drummer. In 1987 we start to do rehearsals in the W.N.C. squat. I do one song on drums and get really into it after seeing R.K.L. in Amsterdam in June 1988. Their drummer is unreal. Ton organise their concert in Groningen and we can drive back with them. I know Ton since the beginning of 1988 and I often make flyers for him on my 486 computer with an ancient printer. You can recognize the flyers for their matrix fonts.

When the drummer of Means Of Coercion can’t make it, I join as a drummer and improvise a gig in the local squat with Attilla The Stockbroker in July 1988. We call ourselves Conspiracy Of Poimar. After the concert I am asked by the members of Trofoblast to drum because their drummer wants to sing. He teaches me all the songs, we call the band Catweazle and in 2 months I have my first gig as a drummer in J.C. Innocent in Hengelo. After the eviction of the W.N.C. squat in May 1990, we start to rehearse in a 2×3 mtr small space rented by Eva as a drumroom in the ORKZ. When we get a 2nd guitarplayer for a short while, he did not fit and had to play outside of the room.

Violence gets worse because we have the headquarters of the A.N.S. (Aktiefront Nationale Socialisten) residing in our city. Punx and people who dress alternative get beat up really bad and after 18.00 it’s dangerous to walk the city alone without a weapon. There’s alot of confrontations and often after football games, squats get attacked by countless hooligans on drugs (mostly Rohypnol). When nazi’s beat up a couple from a local bikerclub (they dressed like squatters), their place which is a bar in the middle of the citycentre gets totally trashed and the cops arrive far too late. Needless to say, after this “incident”, there was a lot less trouble with the local nazi’s.

In May 1989 we travel a couple of days in the Netherlands with R.K.L. on their second European tour. The drummer explains some tricks and I am still stupified at how good they are. Definitely the best live punkband I have ever witnessed.

We’re now entering a time with pretty uninteresting music (crossover, straightedge, funky hardcore) except for “Burning Spirits” hardcore from Japan which I get to know through an English trader, so I concentrate more on Catweazle and start a filmzine with Mike called Camera Obscura. We treat it like a punkzine, cutting and pasting like crazy and writing about everything cinematic we like. Because of my Aikijutsu study at the end of the 80’s, I am particulary interested in Japanese Chambara (swordfight) cinema and after seeing a 3rd generation copy of The Killer by John Woo in 1990, I am sold and getting specialized in Hong Kong action cinema as well. Mike concentrates mostly on European cinema and eventually we have interviews with all the classics (Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jean Rollin, Sergio Martino…) and we will have alot of guestwriters. Basically this is just like punk, only now it’s trading videocassettes and talking about particular movies and making filmzines. After the first issue, Axe helps out with the layout.

Nirvana gets big and everybody start to look alternative, wearing armyboots, have piercings and tattoos. This means no more problems if you look different although there’s still the big nazi-problem in Groningen.

In 1992 Catweazle got a new lineup and change style abit coz every member had its own musical taste. The singer is into straightedge, the bassplayer is into emo/Ebullition, the guitarplayer into techno and Japanese hardcore and I into thrash and tight hardcorepunk. The band got busy and I got in contact through the internet (a punk newsgroup) with Izumi/Profane Existence Far East from Japan who wants to release the recordings we did in Utrecht. This is 1995 and I use a 486 computer with a 14k4 dial modem. It’s amazing to download a 1 minute song within 15 minutes by Napster.

In 1996 I got into touring and join other bands and start organizing extensively. Eva joins on most tours. I meet her at a Funeral Oration concert on October 1987 and we are together ever since. One of our favorite countries is Spain. I discover so many good bands from there but most of them don’t feel the need to do concerts abroad. We got good friends with Sin Dios from Madrid and I organize one of the first tours for a punkband from Spain through Europe in September 1998. Soon after I will be organizing and driving for own bands but also for bands from Brazil and Japan. Since 1998 we have an own tour van which we call Cavia Express. I join PCP and Tuco Ramirez from Noord-Holland in 1997. With the first we practise at Het Viadukt, with the latter I often travel to the other side of the country.

At the end of the 90’s I start the bacteria website with mostly information about punk from Groningen. I start with tons of Geocities pages linked together. Lut provides webspace where I can share countless MP3’s from local punkbands. I get my info on bands from Het Viadukt where most punkbands practise. I give members a questionaire and use it for the website. I’m real glad I did this at the time because asking the same members now about that period, they can’t remember anything. 1999 is the start of Shikari. We like to play without P.A. and offstage and put the audience onstage. Needless to say we often get into alot of arguments with the soundpeople.

In 2000 we stop with Camera Obscura, also because I got way too busy with playing in punkbands and touring. Through Resuscitate Records aka Deadlock Records I get the www.bacteria.nl domain. We begin a concertgroup and organize punkconcerts in several places here in Groningen for some years. In 2006 I start my own company and try to survive financially on driving bands. Now I also drive commercial bands but there’s just too much competition. In 2008 I get a full contract with a company and finally have a steady income. But most of my time is now spend on work, doing alot of overtime. I stop touring and playing for bands. We sell the van and I buy a DSLR.

I was always into photography. At concerts I always carry a compact camera and in July 2002 I start buying the digital Canon Powershot S series. In 2008 I got the Canon EOS 1d Mark III with some lenses and start doing serious nature photography. In 2009 and 2010 there’s reunion concerts with Shikari. The company I work for gets taken over three times, fire all desk people and start operating from Beilen, which is about 50 km south of Groningen. Through a friend I get into birdprotection and countings/inventarisations and will spend most of my free time learning about birds and their habitats. I get into videoscoping and set up my own youtube channel called Nederbirds.

In 2019 the bacteria website gets a new look and also covers punk outside Groningen (with the emphasis on the 80’s).

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R.O.Conspiracy (vocals 1987-1988)
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1984 – Various – Hardcore ’84 TAPE (as Rhino Tapes)
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1989 – Catweazle – Catweazle TAPE
1989 – Various – The Choice Is Mine 3 TAPE (as Bacteria Distribution)
1993 – Catweazle – Catweazle TAPE
1993 – Catweazle – D.I.Y. Promo TAPE
1997 – Catweazle – Tour Report VHS
1998 – No I.D. / Aside – Pictures Of Pain / Ride Fast… Or Don’t! 7″ EP (as Koroshi Records)
2000 – Fleas And Lice – A Bad Example Of The Rotten Generation DVD/VHS (produced not released)

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1984 – Alles Krig Mod Alle
1984 – Weerhaak 4 (December 1984)
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1988 – Maximum Rock’n’Roll No. 63 (August 1988)
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1989 – Maximum Rock’n’Roll No. 73 (June 1989)
1990 – Maximum Rock’n’Roll No. 84 (May 1990)
1990 – Maximum Rock’n’Roll No. 91 (December 1990)

Checking the tapedeck @ the balcony of De Buze, Steenwijk 1983


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1991 – Part of Radio Tirada on sunday afternoon (1991.10.02 seized by cops)

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During hardcorepunk concerts in Vera & Simplon 1985-1994

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1984 – Puinhoop – Various – Holland Hardcore 3: The Invasion TAPE (Er Is Hoop Tapes, NL)
1985 – Bloedbad – Bloedbad TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1988 – R.O. Conspiracy – Unofficial Tape (Bacteria Products, NL)
1989 – Catweazle – Catweazle TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1993 – Catweazle – Catweazle TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1993 – Catweazle – D.I.Y. Promo Tape TAPE (Bacteria Tapes, NL)
1994 – Catweazle – Catweazle TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1996 – Catweazle – Cash And Pain Remain 3” MCD (Profane Existence Far East, JAP)
1997 – Catweazle – 10” with Seein’Red (Wicked Kangaroo, NL / Anomie, GER / Farewell, GER)
1997 – Catweazle – Form Of Fear 7″ EP (Bad Card, FRA / Revolution, FRA)
1998 – Tuco Ramirez – Samenloop Van Omstandigheden Tape (Selfreleased, NL)
1999 – Tuco Ramirez – Tuco Ramirez / Boycot 7″ EP (Trujaca Fala, Poland)
1998 – PCP – Deal The Darkness 7″ EP (aka Evolution Slaves 7″ EP) (Resuscitate Records, NL)
1999 – PCP – Life’s A War 7″ EP (Difusión Libertaria La Idea, Spain / Propulsion, Spain / Victimas Del Progreso Crimenes De Estado, Spain)
2000 – PCP – My War 7″ EP with B.S.E. (UPS Records, NL)
2000 – Shikari – Shikari – Robot Wars 10″ (Deadlock Records, NL)
2001 – Shikari – The Deleted 10″ Session (Never released)
2002 – Shikari – Shikari / Seein’Red 3″ CD (MasterHardcore, NL)
2002 – Shikari – Shikari / Seein’Red 10″ (Deadlock Records, NL)
2002 – Shikari – Shikari 7″ EP (Level Plane Records, USA)
2003 – Shikari – Shikari CDEP (Level Plane Records, USA)
2004 – PCP – Revelations CD (Musique Canard, France)
2004 – Shikari – Shikari / Phoenix Bodies 7″ EP (The Electric Human Project, USA)
2004 – Shikari – Shikari / Ação Direta 7″ EP (UPS / De Graanrepubliek, NL)
2005 – Shikari – Shikari / Louise Cyphre 9″ (Crucificados Pelo Sistema, GER / Level Plane Records, USA)
2005 – Makiladoras – In Eigen Hand 12” LP (DP (Or Not DP), NL / Tofu Guerrilla, GER / Svaveldioxid, LUX / Squawk, FRA / Trabuc Records, SPA / Antirock, NOR / Kickrock, FRA / Canard Musique, FRA / Mala Raza, SPA / Subversive Ways, FRA / Emancypunx, POL / Opiate, UK / Contamination, GER / Loderbrock, USA)
2005 – Makiladoras – Live In Krommenie 15/10/05 CDr (Loderbrock, USA)
2005 – Makiladoras – In Eigen Hand CD (Too Circle, JAP)
2012 – Makiladoras – Niemandsland 12” LP (Ruination, GER)


Top 10 Dutch 80’s Punk Records
1980 Rondos – Red Attack LP
Catchy tunes with a strong political message. Years later, we have a simular collective in Groningen but instead based on Maoism we are into Anarchism and Trotskism.
1981 Vopos – Dead Entertainment LP
Bought on 1 April 1982 in Hemmes and seeing them live on 24 April. I was well prepared for my first gig in Simplon and this record proves one of my alltime favorites.
1982 Various – Hatelijke Groenten 7”
I got this one from Nanno/Jetset. All bands are in the Rood Wit Zwart collective and here are definitely the best songs by Vacuüm. Also I still got the Jetset demo recorded in the AD Tapes studio on which they play a couple of more songs.
1982 Zmiv – Banzai, Here’s Zmiv Beware 7”
Ordered a couple directly from the band/Ratdraaierszzz. Unfortunately I traded my copy for some Swedish hardcore. They’ll change their style on the Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit Nr.2 compilation but still so good.
1983 Agent Orange – Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell  7”
Starts off pretty sloppy, but it gets better with alot of uptempo power and guitarwanking. Too bad I traded my copies for a SSD boot.
1983 Pandemonium – Who The Fuck 7”
Probably best known for their strong anti-fascist stance. This is their best record. Catchy and fast!
1983 Vacuüm – Vacuüm LP
Original because they creatively use a drumbox instead of a live one (although they used to have one). Very catchy with great lyrics.
1983 Various – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit Nr.2
A really great compilation from the west of Holland. For me one of the best records from the Netherlands.
1984 Agent Orange – V.D. Hello Boyfriend Coming My Way?  7”
A more than worthy continuation of their first record.
1984 Frites Modern – Veel Vet, Goor En Duur LP
Classic and timeless songs.
1986 Indirekt – Nacht Und Nebel 7”
I discover this one quite late, in the 90’s. I never liked this band much except for some songs on compilations. So I always ignored this one. Somehow I got to hear this and was blown away.

Top 25 UK 80’s Punk Records
1977 The Clash – The Clash LP
Together with Giving Them Enough Rope and London Calling, I bought this in Avignon, France on a holiday in 1981. It was my first punkrecord  but other 2 plus Sandinista should be here too.
1978 Buzzcocks – Another Music In A Different Kitchen LP
Should be together with Love Bites and A Different Kind Of Tension which bought in 1981 and 1982
1978 Crass – The Feeding of the 5000 12”
The second Crass album I got in 1981. Mother on Stations already made a big impression but this one got me into the person I am now.
1978 Sham 69 – Tell Us The Truth LP
I bought the first three records for 25 guilders from a friend of a friend on 16.03.1982. It proved a fantastic bargain!
1979 U.K. Subs – Another Kind Of Blues LP
Live Kicks was my first U.K. Subs record and 6th punk LP I ever bought. This one came very soon after because I got hooked on this band.
1980 The Damned – The Black Album 2xLP
The 5th punk LP I bought. This belongs together with their first three classics but I choose this one also because all their hits are played on the live side. When I spraypainted my leather jacket with gold, the black inner sleeves get brightened with it.
1980 Poison Girls/Crass – Persons Unknown/Bloody Revolutions 7”
Truly a classic!
1981 Anti-Pasti – The Last Call… LP
Through the years I start to appreciate their Caution In The Wind LP but when it just came out I more or less hated it.
1981 Exploited – Punk’s Not Dead LP
At the time, this bandname was everywhere and it was an obvious buy and got very much into it.
1981 Splodgenessabounds – Splodgenessabounds LP
Very original and it definitely stood out from the rest.
1981 U.K. Subs – Diminished Responsibility LP
The 4th Subs LP I bought and this is one of the few with this rather mysterious and cool guitarsound.
1981 Vice Squad – No Cause For Concern LP
I like their follow up LP but this one has a particular atmosphere.
1982 Abrasive Wheels – When The Punks Go Marching In LP
An instant favorite with immensely catchy songs and a great overall sound.
1982 Chaos UK – Loud, Political And Uncompromising 7”
One of the first punk 7”ers that I got and this is hardcorepunk
1982 Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP
A wall of sound. The Why 12” is already groundbreaking (I got it in February 1982 and Why was a steady anthem on my highschool) but this one has it all. Bought the gatefold version right after it came out.
1982 Last Resort – A Way Of Life LP
I always got a weakness for Oi. This is very basic but somehow I love it from the start.
1982 Various – Carry On Oi LP
One of my favorite compilations!
1982 Various – Punk And Disorderly LP
A compilation with only great songs and at the time a perfect way to check out the bands that are on it.
1983 The Partisans – The Partisans LP
Also on a lot of compilations so this is obligatory.
1983 Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Run Like Hell 7”
I like the Pissed & Proud LP but this is an instant classic!
1983 Rudimentari Peni – Death Church LP
I got this one recommended by Anderz Nielzen in Denmark and never regret trading it.
1983 The Straps – The Straps LP
Found out about the relatively late in the late 80’s. Has songs with The Damned and U.K. Subs drummers.
1984 English Dogs – To The Ends Of The Earth 12”
Just before their thrashmetal phase. The stuff they do before this is pretty forgettable.
1985 Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness 12”
A couple of years before their big Trouble influence. Still an amazing record and with Makiladoras we’ll cover Lifeline
1989 Sofahead – Pre-Marital Yodelling LP
Used to be Dan and with Leatherface drummer. Their very best release!

More lists coming soon!