Makiladoras, Words Mean Nothing, Scarlet Adorns The Snow, I Know @ Club Pizza Rugby, Lublin POL 06 March 2006

Slept until 13.00, wake up the rest and see Sławek in the same kitchenchair as when we left the place. I KNOW from Belarus has arrived and I finally meet with Ruslan, the guy who was doing the SHIKARI eastern tour. Eva and me do some sightseeing and ofcourse get lost on our way back. Those flats all look the same and there’s about 5-6 blocks with 8-10 of those exact looking flats. We’re saved by the cellphone. After some delicious meal we’re off to the bar. It is some sort of canteen for the local rugby club. A very peculiar place. It’s already full at 19.30 and when WORDS MEAN NOTHING starts, everybody comes forward to see the band. This is emo with some hardcore parts. A lot of stretched out songs with some soft parts. SCARLET ADORNS THE SNOW is more straightforward hardcore with good solo’s. I KNOW plays a very sloppy but immensly enthousiast set. Fast and uncompromising raw hardcorepunk with female screams. It looks to become tradition but we get stopped by the cops again. The owner needs to pay a fine and everybody is afraid that he doesn’t want to do concerts anymore because this is the first and rather succesful one. When we return to Michał’s place in the freezing cold (we’re close to the Ukraine border!), I take my first shower of the tour. We hear the barowner didn’t care about the cops and keeps continueing the cooperation with the concertgroup! The next morning we have an appointment with a garage for replacing our broken frontwindow. We need to get up at 7.45 am. If I hurry I can still get around 5 hours of sleep.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Words Mean Nothing (Lublin, Poland)
Scarlet Adorns The Snow (Lublin, Poland)
I Know (Belarus)