Started by poet Kristian Kanstadt and stencilartist Hugo Kaagman (aka Amarillo) on 1st of August 1977 from the Sarphatistraat 62-64 squat (better known as the Zebrahuis since 1981) and influenced by UK based fanzine Sniffin’ Glue. The name was derived from the shitlayers on the edge of the local toilet. Later joined by poet Diana Ozon (aka Gretchen), musician Ludwig Wisch, graffiti artist Ivar Vičs (aka Dr. Rat) and printer Johan Van Leeuwen. The squat became first a punkclub with stage called DDT666 (Dirty Dutch Trix 666), then a shop / meetingplace / workshop called Gallerie Anus, followed by Galerie Ozon as a shop and finally Galerie Zebra. The zine started as a connection between punk and art, the counterculture of the 60’s, literature and rasta. Influences were Dada, Fluxus, reggae and punk combined with critical collages, corny cartoons, poems and articles written by people under various pseudonyms. When Gallerie Anus ended and the plan was to go to Africa, a new editor was to be found. Johan van Leeuwen was the perfect person also because he made a similar fanzine (called Toilet). The travel to Africa wasn’t happening so there were 3 sorts of Coekrandt: Ozon/Amarillo, Dr. Rat and his (he made 9 issues before issue 55: 38, 40, 42, 47-49, 52-54). Galerie Ozon closed and Diana and Amarillo went to Africa after all. Dr. Rat also stopped because he had no money. In 1981 the new name is Nieuwe Koekrand, is published every 3-4 months, don’t rave about rasta, are no artists and becomes the most popular fanzine in the Netherlands. In 1988 it appears as Koekrand and in 1990 is the last issue because of money problems. In 1997 it appears again until issue 95 in 2002. Johan unfortunately dies in 2003.

Koecrandt 22 (May 1978)
Koecrandt 25 (September 1978)
Koecrandt 26 (October 1978)
Koecrandt 30 (April 1979)
Koecrandt 31 (May 1979)
Koecrandt 32 (July 1979)
Koecrandt 33 (August 1979)
Koecrandt 34 (September 1979)
Koekrant 40 (January 1980)
Koekrant 42 (March 1980)
Koecrandt 43 (April 1980)
Koecrandt 46 (May 1980)
Koekrant 47 (July 1980)
Koecrandt 50 (1980)
Koekrant 52 (January 1981)
Koekrand 53 (March 1981)
Koekrand 54 (June/July 1981)
Nieuwe Koekrand 55 (End Of 1981)
Nieuwe Koekrand 56 (February 1982)
Nieuwe Koekrand 57 (May/June 1982)
Nieuwe Koekrand 58 (July/August 1982)
Nieuwe Koekrand 59 (November/December 1982)
Nieuwe Koekrand 60 (March/April 1983)
Nieuwe Koekrand 61 (July/August 1983)
Nieuwe Koekrand 62 (November/December 1983)
Nieuwe Koekrand 63 (February 1984)
Nieuwe Koekrand 64 (June 1984)
Nieuwe Koekrand 65 (September 1984)
Nieuwe Koekrand 66 (December 1984)
Nieuwe Koekrand 67 (March 1985)
Nieuwe Koekrand 68 (May/June 1985)
Nieuwe Koekrand 69 (July/August 1985)
Nieuwe Koekrand 70 (September/October 1985)
Nieuwe Koekrand 71 (November/December 1985)
Nieuwe Koekrand 72 (February/March 1986)
Nieuwe Koekrand 73 (April/May 1986)
Nieuwe Koekrand 74 (Summer 1986)
Nieuwe Koekrand 75 (September/October 1986)
Nieuwe Koekrand 76 (November 1986)
Nieuwe Koekrand 77 (January 1987 / In English)
Nieuwe Koekrand 78 (March 1987)
Nieuwe Koekrand 79 (Summer 1987)
Nieuwe Koekrand 80/81 (Winter 1987 / Mostly In English)
Koekrand 82 (Spring 1988)
Koekrand 83 (Autumn 1988)
Koekrand 84 (February 1989)
Koekrand 85 (1989)
Koekrand 88 (1990)
Koekrand 89 (1997, no cover)
Koekrand 90 (Winter 1997/1998)
Koekrand 91 (Summer 1998)
Koekrand 92 (Spring 1998)
Koekrand 93 (Winter 1999/2000)
Koekrand 95 (Summer 2002)

Papua Punk BOOK – Hugo Kaagman, Diana Ozon (1982)
Johan Was Punk And He Knows It BOOK – Johan van Leeuwen (1997)
Punk Als Verzet(je?): Een Rondje Nederpunk In De Jaren Tachtig Van De Twintigste Eeuw BOOK – Johan van Leeuwen (2002)

Kalender 1987 (1986)

Hugo Kaagman made a compilation zine of Koecrandt in 2018
Punk Krant (Amsterdam, 2018)

Info leaflet for the Art-O-Maat (a cigarette machine without cigarettes but with cigaretteboxes filled with cartoons, zines or drawings), early 1978

Also Known As:
Cees Coe Crandt (1977)
Coeqrand (1977)
Coekrandt (1977)
Coecrandt (1978)
Coecrant (1980)
Koekrant (1977-1980)
Koekrandt (1977-1979)
Koecrandt (1977-1980)
Koecrant (1978-1980)
Koecrand (1979)
Nieuwe Koekrand (1981-2002)

Diana Ozon & Hugo Kaagman Interviews:
1980 – Vögelspin 1
2008 – Diana Ozon Interview

Johan van Leeuwen Interviews:
1985 – Piss Off 11
1987 – Kaboem 14
1987 – Maximum Rock’n’Roll 53

A letter from Johan Van Leeuwen to Helge Schreiber/Plastic Bomb responding on the question of doing an interview for a book.
Nieuw Vennep, October 18th, 2002
Hallo Helge, good to hear from you and to learn that PLASTIC BOMB fanzine is doing so well. Over here so many things happened to me after I released the all English issue of KOEKRAND. My friend Charlotte and I moved to Nieuw Vennep, a small suburban town near Schiphol Airport. In 1991 our son was born, who is playing my old punk records now, though he favours LINKIN Park and RAMMSTEIN’s Bam Bam. In December 1995 finally the cause of the headaches I had been suffering from for years, was discovered. It was a brain tumor on the right side of the back of my head. I had brain surgery on new year’s eve 1995 and radio therapy during the first two months of 1996. Everything seemed to be under control again and until december 1999 life went on as if nothing had happened. I was busy at work, published my first book ›Johan Was A Punk And He Knows It‹ and started doing KOEKRAND again. Meanwhile the tumor grew again and in the summer of 2000 I had brain surgery for the second time, started chemotherapy after that. Right now I just finished the second chemotherapy and though the MRI-scans show very good results I am still having all kinds of tumor-related problems on the left side of my body. I can hardly walk, my left hand often fails and when it does not I cannot control it properly. As I am lefthanded I have to do all the writing (even making notes) with my right hand on the computer. I used to race cycle a lot but because of my leg and the fact that I fall over quickly my dear Colnago race-bicycle has not been outside the garage for over two years and I am totally depending on other people to go anywhere outside the house.
I would really like to contribute to your book, but if you want to interview me you better hurry up because the neuro-oncologist expects things to get worse over time quickly and told me there is no treatment for me anymore as they do not know the cause of my problems. Maybe in the nearby future they will – if I live long enough. For now I will have to live by the day until I get into the state of coma and then die. It might take a few months but it also might take a few years as well, depending on my physical state (which is pretty good though); nobody can tell, the doctors say.
Also I am sending you KOEKRAND #95 that was released just last week. I planned to go on until issue 100 but it looks like as if #96 will be the final one. I would like to release the second issue of ›Johan Was A Punk And He Knows It‹ also, but KOEKRANDS ›Eerste Nederlandse Punkencyclopedie‹ will probably never be released; maybe the Dutch Punkdiscografie 1978-2003 will, though.
Helge, all the best to you and your friends. Please write me again about the interview. Johan

Radio Rabotnik; one of the very few moving pics of Johan van Leeuwen at 3:45
Interview with Hugo Kaagman