Makiladoras, Agonie + 4 @ Le Grand Moulin, Bourg Des Comptes FRA 28 January 2006

Suddenly it was snow and ice. On the roads it looked like nothing happened and everybody drives way too fast. At 18.00 we get in the slipstream of a truck, lose control and end up in a small ditch on the roadside. We’re very lucky the van did not turn over. The cops are very relaxed and let us stay with the van. We and some equipment are picked up by people from the concertplace. It took them hours to get to us. Somehow we manage to do this gig but it’s already midnight. The next morning we borrow a car from punx from Paris and see that the towingcompany tries to get the van out but it’s still too icy and the towingtruck slips itself off the road. They will try again when the ice is gone which is later that day. Fortunately this was the last gig of the tour so there’s no timepressure.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Agonie (Paris, France)