(1988 – 1989)

Bio: Formed by Onion who lived at the time in Roden. When he booked the tour for Doom and Concrete Sox, he let the band join on some unforgettable Dutch gigs. The band stops when Eva quits.

Description: Hardcorepunk

Arjan Van Der Meulen aka Onion –  vocals
Eva Oling – drums
Martin Hoekstra – guitar
Chris Veenstra – bass

Other bands:
Eva Oling – Makiladoras, No I.D., Minamata Disease, Link, Noodweer, Uneasy Peace, Persona Non Data, Stresssysteem
Martin Hoekstra – Athletic Pooha, Kkhrint, Amputatis

1988.12.09 W.N.C., Groningen (+ The Plot)

1989.04.08 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Doom, Concrete Sox)
1989.04.09 Willem II, Den Bosch (+ Doom, Concrete Sox)