Makiladoras, Seein’Red, Radio Bikini, George Bitch Jr., Kriegstanz, Sangre, Krush, Blood I Bleed, Mihoen!, F.U.B.A.R., My Reply, Gascoigne, Filthpact, From The Ashes, S.A.F., Rupsband @ M.C. De Bosuil, Weert 10 September 2005


Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Seein’Red (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
Radio Bikini (The Netherlands)
George Bitch Jr. (Aquitaine, France)
Kriegstanz (The Netherlands)
Sangre (The Netherlands)
Krush (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Blood I Bleed (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
Mihoen! (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
F.U.B.A.R. (The Netherlands)
My Reply (The Netherlands)
Gascoigne (Zwolle, The Netherlands)
Filthpact (U.K.)
From The Ashes (The Netherlands)
S.A.F. aka Skulls And Flames (The Netherlands)
Rupsband (The Netherlands)