Makiladoras, Pagdalan, Run Riot, Rearrange @ Bar Majka, Biłgoraj POL 05 March 2006

When the rest goes into the city, I do some waking up and clean the van a bit because I can’t find the house anymore. Those flats all look alike and I forgot to note down the exact address. When everyone returns, we say goodbye, take Sławek the H407 drummer with us, and are on our way to the small city of Biłgoraj. Eventually we get lost and end up on impassable small roads, totally iced and full of snow. It’s getting late and Klusek the organizer starts to call frequently. We’re so happy to have Michał with us coz after asking some people we’re on the right track again. The place is a bar with a concertroom next to it. To enter the bar, you need to go outside to get in again. REARRANGE is really good varied hardcore. However, the bass is way too loud… In the distro room I meet Klusek and Maciek, who will join us the next couple days with SCARLET and WORDS MEAN NOTHING. Rick and me buy some cool tapes off him. RUN RIOT from Germany play a bit emoish but sound rather out of tune so I check out the bar. There I witness a fight which is kind of amusing, so I stay some longer. During PAGDALAN I prepare my drumkit in the backstage. They play a sloppy mix of emo and oldschool hardcore. Also a MINOR THREAT cover is passing by. The place is packed and the crowd loves it and goes wild. We have difficulties with the electricity. Nothing is grounded so we suffer a lot of extra noise and disturbance. Ofcourse our set is yet again stopped by the cops. Number 3… After the gig we chill with the rest of the bands, meet fans, put signatures, hand out used drumsticks, do photoshoots….feel like real rockstars basically. After packing the stuff, we drive to a house for some great warm food in a notable big house, see Sławek passing out a couple times and experience the coldest night so far. Next we drive through a snowy night to Lublin to crash at Michał’s place where we arrive at 5.00 am.

Makiladoras (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Pagdalan (Germany)
Run Riot (Germany)
Rearrange (Poland)