Catweazle, Outcry, Growing Up + 2 @ Oviedo SPA 10 May 1997

The Palencia flyer

We hear Palencia got cancelled the very last minute. Fortunately we can play tonight at a smal fest. The bands are prepared to play 15 minutes shorter each, so we can play. GREAT! We hang around Gijon some more and leave for Oviedo later that day. It’s in a commercial bar and there’s an open stage which is cool. We park the van near a football square. Axe, Emil and Mike D. team up and play against 3 very young locals: Holland – Spain. It never ends and we arrive at the concert during the Outcry set. They sound very convincive. During our set I have problems with the sound – actually no sound. Very hard to keep track. Mike D. is going crazy on his board again.


Outcry (Oviedo, Spain)
Growing Up (Gijon, Spain)
Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)