Catweazle, Grimskunk @ Glasfabriek, Groningen 03 June 1994

Lots of friends in the crowd this night, which explains the abundance of laughter, goofy jokes and dumb remarks in this home-town gig at the ever so colourful squat behind the main central train station in Groningen, “De Glasfabriek” (old Glass Factory). From ’93 till about ’98 tons of shows were held here, from sxe to crustcore and other variants of HC punk.
Quiet a lot of darkness here, too much to actually film properly, which results in lots of out-of-focus scenes. In combination with the disco-light effects this can lead to surreal images. Be warned!
Fifth show in the “new” line-up, so still some searching going on concerning how to communicate with the crowd, how to explain what a certain song is about etc. Some tightly played songs, but also several missed cues and mistakes; so not exactly a great set.
Before the Chain cover we do a request for Geert to step forward, ask him to sing along and do backups. But the dude is late and not at the venue yet hahaha!
Since Catweazle as a band was totally not into smoking, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the show poster with the smokin’ dude, but after seeing the Canadian Grim Skunk folks I must admit it fit well: tons of ganja were consumed that night…
About 80 people attended the show.

0.00 Instrumental (later became “Strijd”)
3.11 Seeds of Our Destiny
5.26 Fight the Tears
7.52 Repeat & Regret
10.07 Acceptance
12.30 Catalyst
16.05 You’re a Part
19.00 Never Understand (Chain of Strength cover)
21.55 Human Race
25.23 Form of Fear
28.24 Look Ahead
31.37 System Fall (early version w/ incomplete lyrics)
35.00 Building of Lies
38.30 Overgrown Corpse (drum cam)

Nice drum recovery at 7.04 / Filmed by Johan Meerholz / Full set and (mostly) complete songs.

Catweazle Setlist

Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Grimskunk (Montreal, Canada)