Catweazle @ El Bar Traste, Valladolid SPA 11 May 1997

Small commercial bar again. We think Oviedo was a rip-off moneywise so we wonder about this one. We check out some bars with locals (hello Urbano!) and prepare for the concert. Javi from Bilbo is present as well! It gets filled and warmer. When we start to play, people wait and even sit on the ground. After the 3rd song, they go nuts. Crazy concert. Haven’t sweat so much since Cherbourg. After the concert we have arguements with the bar owner about the money. It almost escalates when a bouncer threatens me. A bottle is throws, the toilets are literally shitted, walls are spit at…. Warfare. In the end everything calmed down (we stay outside) although more and more bouncers appear at the frontdoor. What a nite.

Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)