Catweazle, New Friend, 88 Fingers Louie @ Simplon, Groningen 07 February 1996

  1. Form Of Fear
  2. Catalyst
  3. Repeat & Regret
  4. Look Ahead
  5. Seeds Of Our Destiny
  6. Power
  7. Acceptance
  8. Face Reality
  9. Human Race
  10. Cash And Pain Remain
  11. Strijd
  12. You’re A Part
  13. Building Of Lies

This was the first time I saw a professional bandrider (for 88 Fingers Louie) and was immensely amused by the demands like the size of mirrors and towels. Great stuff!

Item about hearing damage with Catweazle clips

Alot of footage from this gig in this rockumentary from 2019:

Rider 88 Finger Louie
Rider 88 Finger Louie
Rider 88 Finger Louie

Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)
New Friend (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
88 Fingers Louie (Chicago, USA)