Catweazle, Red Eye Express @ Fabrik, Duisburg GER 12 December 1997

Ein Tipp fur eure Musik! / A suggestion for your music!
This one is priceless! When we played this one, we stumbled upon an old stereotypelooking hippie that was a bit out of place at a hardcorepunkconcert. Nevertheless, he sat through our whole set which I thought was kinda amazing coz our sound is not for everyone… The next morning when I got to our car, I found a piece of paper behind the windscreen wiper. It was a letter from Kalle, the old hippie from the night before, and he wrote a very lengthy and detailed suggestion of how to improve our sound! The guy had analysed our whole set plus sound and obviously put ALOT of effort into getting across his idea of us becoming the perfect sounding flowerpowerpunkband. Something like John Denver on punk!! Amazing stuff and I’m really happy to have found this letter back in my archives. Priceless indeed!

From the guestbook (thanx Hannes/Zebracore)
From the guestbook (thanx Hannes/Zebracore)

Red Eye Express (Germany)
Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)