(1989 – 1992)

Meaning bandname: You can see two meanings: An atomic nuclear mushroom cloud explosion in the sky or some magic mushrooms exploding in your head.

History: After E.N.E. split up, Maynard, Robbie and Piet decided to start a new band with the help of Juul on bass and Janine on vocals. We did our first gig in our squat the WNC on 13.08.89 as HUMAN ERROR. We changed the name from REALITY ATTACK into MUSHROOM ATTACK. After several tours and two split LP’s we decided to split up after our disaster UK tour in June 1992. There were just too much tensions in the band.

Lyrics: Against the system…

Description: Hardcore Punkrock

Janine Uunk- vocals
Juul – bass
Maynard Schut – drums
Pierre Erickson aka Piet – guitar
Robbie Tempel – vocals

Other bands:
Janine Uunk – No I.D.
Maynard Schut – Buiten Adem, E.N.E., Get Ugly, Catweazle, Fermented, Fleas And Lice, PCP, Kaïn, Bullshit Science, Dog Ugly, Descent To Hell, Indifferent Sun, Malamondo, Scumnation, System Bastard, Link
Pierre Erickson aka Piet – E.N.E., Vieze Mensen, Fleas And Lice, Mad Punk Disease, Nobby Noxious And The Impregnators
Robbie Tempel – Fleas And Lice, Vieze Mensen, Mad Punk Disease

1990 – Mushroom Attack LP with Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία (Loony Tunes, UK)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 05-07.09.1990 by Dolf Planteijdt
1992 – Masters Of The Glueniverse CD with Disorder (Desperate Attempt, USA)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 01-02.11.1991 by Dolf Planteijdt
1992 – Masters Of The Glueniverse LP with Disorder (Desperate Attempt, USA)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 01-02.11.1991 by Dolf Planteijdt
1996 – Mushroom Attack LP with Fleas And Lice (Axiome Production, FRA)
Recorded Live @ Narrowboat, Nottingham UK 13.05.1992
1996 – Mushroom Attack TAPE (Trująca Fala, POL)
2001 – The Fight Goes On CD (Witchhunt, FIN)

1991 – They Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!!! 7″ EP (Nabate, BEL)
1992 – Agony Of A Contaminated Society – Screaming For A Better Future – Vol. III LP (Campary Records, GER)
1992 – No Legal Murder TAPE (Contaminated Productions, ITA)
1992 – Punk Is… No Sanctuary! Vol. 4 TAPE (Resistance Productions, SWI)
1992 – Walk Across America – For Mother Earth 1992 7″ EP (Be Yourself, BEL / Bonds Of Friendship, BEL)
1992 – A Nightmare On Albion St. LP (1 In 12 Records, UK)
1992 – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat LP (W.R.F. Records, NL)
1992 – Animal Rights Tape TAPE (D.I.Y. Records, JAP)
1994 – Recopilacion Antikapitalista TAPE (Antitoxic Records, SPA)
1997 – Chokening In Shit Vol. 2 TAPE (Brus Tapes, SWE)
1998 – Anti War Compilation Vol. 2 TAPE (Aktivita Cabaret Voltaire, CZE)
199X – 1 Jaar Burgers TAPE (Not On Label, NL)
19XX – Dexinfekzion TAPE (Not On Label, SPA)
19XX – Víctimas De Tu Ignorancia TAPE (G.A.F.L.A., SPA)
2009 – Killed By Death Groningen – Volume One CDr (Redrum Records, NL)

1989.06.09 W.N.C.
1989.06.12 W.N.C.

Concerts: (assorted)
1989.08.13 W.N.C., Groningen (as Human Error)
1989.09.23 Peizerweg, Groningen (+ Oerboere, Cry Of Terror, Catweazle, Neuroot) (as Human Error)
1989.10.13 Schlachthof, Bremen (+ Oerboere, Catweazle) (as Human Error)
1989.11.18 Bunker, Eindhoven (+ Oerboere, Catweazle) (as Reality Attack)
1989.11.26 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Oerboere, La Cosa Nostra, Kadaverbak, Screech Rock, Scraps) (as Reality Attack)

1990.05.04 Breehuis, Leiden (+ Sore Throat)
1990.05.08 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Sore Throat)

1991.01.21 Maison Des Jeunes Ou Thiers, Liège BEL (+ Scraps, Private Jesus Detector)
1991.01.25 Goudvishal, Arnhem (+ Get Ugly, Oerboere, ACF, Scraps)
1991.01.31 Vera, Groningen (+ Oerboere)
1991.08.30 Burgers, Eindhoven (+ Merzky Ded, 2000 D.S., Hardheaded Soul, Incredible Softies, Quiet Fresh Phobia)
1991.09.17 Mazzo, Groningen (+ Chronicore, Disorder)
1991.09.18 Goudvishal, Arnhem (+ Disorder, Bobwire)
1991.09.21 Vort’n Vis, Ieper BEL (+ Disorder, Private Jesus Detector)

1992.04.18 Lesum GER (+ Korrupt)
1992.05.01 La Zone, Liège BEL (+ Hiatus, Verbrannte Erde)
1992.05.11 Nice & Sleazy, Glasgow (+ Hiatus, Disaffect)
1992.05.13 Narrowboat, Nottingham UK (+ One By One, Active Minds, Hiatus)

September 1989: Holland
October 1989: Germany
December 1989: Germany, UK
March 1990: Holland
June 1990: Holland, Germany
January 1991: Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium
September 1991: Holland, Germany, Belgium (with DISORDER)
December 1991: Norway, Germany
March 1992: Holland (with DO OR DIE)
1992: Germany, Belgium (with VERBRANNTE ERDE)
June 1992: Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland (with HIATUS + ACTIVE MINDS)

Vera, Groningen 31.01.1991
Vera, Groningen 31.01.1991
Vera, Groningen 31.01.1991
Vera, Groningen 31.01.1991