Catweazle, Força Macabra, Wojczech, Cut Your Hair, Poupée Mataf @ Salle des Fetes, Genlis FRA 17 May 1997

Final concert of the tour. We don’t take the payroad but follow Denis and crew istead. It turns out to be an exhaustive drive though the mountains. People get carsick. Eventually we make it and meet with alot of our German friends. But what’s this? Força Macabra plays as well… and actually they arrive 1 hour after us! The story is they had carproblems in Poland. They could not get the right car-part (because it’s an obscure American model) and they have to wait about 3 weeks for it so they cancelled the Spain tour. I wish they phoned or wrote Uge about this… Anyway, they’re still alive and I see some of them already drunk. The Finnish way. Poupée Mataf plays catchy and melodic hardcore. Cut Your Hair is much better and more intense than before, Força Macabra are too drunk to sound good and Wojczech crushes the place. Perfect ending of the tour.


Força Macabra (Helsinki, Finland)
Wojczech (Rostock, Germany)
Cut Your Hair (Rostock, Germany)
Poupée Mataf (Genlis, France)
Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)