Catweazle @ Gaztetxe De Portugalete, Bilbao SPA 08 May 1997

Sun starts to shine. We see the side-mirror of the van is smashed and a car scraped our side. We can probably say goodbye to our guarantee money. In Bilbo we eat at Javi’s place where his mother prepared a delicious meal for us! Ezkerrik Asko! I hear there was a bombing indeed and happened on a military-police base just outside of Bilbao. We phone Uge to check about FM but no news. We joke around with our Dutch-Spanish dictionary and check out the DDT shop. In Portugalete Mike D. is allowed to film. Suddenly people are running up to him when he is filming behind some building. They tell him ETA people who did the recent bombing are hiding there…hahaha. Here, things are organised quite well and we see the electricity will be tapped from the street. The place is filling and we play all songs plus more. For me one of the best concerts ever. The crowd sings for us, great. We have warm food at 2 in the nite.

Catweazle Part 1
Catweazle Part 2
Katxi = half a liter glass

Catweazle (Groningen, The Netherlands)