(2011 – 2017)

Meaning Bandname: The name of the band MalaMondo translates to something like Sick World, a statement that resonates with the lyrics.

Bio: MalaMondo is a punkband from Groningen, the Netherlands, that combines soft and rough guitar riffs with brutal vocals. They started in 2011, but you might have seen the members of MalaMondo in lots of other bands before that. Maynard is a tough drummer who has kept bands like Fleas and Lice, and currently System Bastard, up tempo. Esmo still thinks she can fool the audience with her lollipop pink guitar, but we all know her from LinK and are familiar with the metalzone under her feet. Róisín on the other hand really does put everybody on the wrong foot. This young woman might look like she has the voice of an angel: she screams and grunts like an old bastard. Eva is the secret weapon of MalaMondo. She will stun you with her fast and awesome melodic basslines. In the summer of 2012 the band records 7 songs with Richard Wierenga in Het Viadukt. On 27th November 2013 they released the MalaMondo album on internet which was recorded by Edwin in Het Viadukt. On 24th April 2017 they recorded Attack in the Soundlodge Studios by Jörg Uken and released it on 18th May on the internet.
MalaMondo has had several line-up changes over the years. They started out with Maras on vocals before Róisín took over. Maria and Suus have played bass with MalaMondo, before Eva joined. At the end of 2017 MalaMondo called it quits.

Lyrics: Roisin ‘sings’ about the tough political reality and how these politics interfere with our personal lives. Whether it is about migrants, Erdogan, the burden of your parents, or old heartache: Roisin grunts from her heart till her lungs and throat can only be fixed with proper wodka.

Description: Hardcore / D-beat punk with emo guitar influences

Maynard Schut † – drums
Róisín Downs – vocals (2012-2017)
Eva van Dijk – bass (2014-2017)
Esmeralda Tijhoff – guitar

Marras Marrastella – vocals (2011-2012)
Suus – bass (2013-2014)
Maria – bass (2011-2013)

Other bands:
Maynard Schut – Buiten Adem, Mushroom Attack, E.N.E., Get Ugly, Catweazle, Fermented, Fleas And Lice, PCP, Kaïn, Bullshit Science, Dog Ugly, Descent To Hell, Indifferent Sun, Link, Scumnation, System Bastard, Parallax Smile, Sjackie Goes To Stitswerd
Róisín Downs – Persona Non Data, Uneasy Peace, Parallax Smile
Eva van Dijk – Noodweer, Human Corrosion, Link, Shoe Eating Rabbits, System Bastard, Mary And The Breakups, Youth Deprivation
Esmeralda Tijhoff – Link, De Introns
Maria – Chiasmodon, Emity Trap

2012 – demo (Unreleased)
2013 – Malamondo (Internet, NL)
2017 – Attack (Internet, NL)
2017 – Live CDr (Vrankrijk, Amsterdam 26.02.2016) (Selfreleased, NL)

Concerts: (selected)
2011.12.17 De Spieghel, Groningen (+ Tsushimamire)

2012.05.10 Simplon, Groningen (+ Human Corrosion)
2012.06.19 De Flat, Groningen (+ Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas)
2012.06.21 Friesenstrasse, Bremen GER (+ Vicious Irene)
2012.07.07 Pulse, Groningen (+ Hoist the Colours)
2012.07.28 Verjaardagsfeest Jeroen Verbeek, Westerlee (+ Town of Saints, Bigbrothersband)

2012.11.30 De Flat, Groningen (+ Noodweer, Shoe Eating Rabbits, Stout ‘n’ Herring, Indifferent Sun)
2012.12.29 Crowbar, Groningen
2012.12.30 ACU, Utrecht (+ Hagridden)

2013.01.19 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen (+ Kruel Facts)
2013.02.09 2Rent II, Groningen (De Aftakeling #8)
2013.06.13 Simplon, Groningen (+ System Bastard, Indifferent Sun)

2013.10.12 Pino, Groningen (+ System Bastard, Elusive Disorder)
2013.11.01 Iduna, Drachten (+ Vice Squad, The Bips)

2014.04.14 Pino, Groningen (+ Jenkem Warriors, Betonrot)

2015.07.23 De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (+ Hard voor Weinig)
2015.10.13 Bambara, Groningen (+ Protestera)

2016.02.26 Vrankrijk, Amsterdam
2016.03.22 The Morgue, Leeuwarden (+ Fuck the Facts)  
2016.06.04 Bikewars, Utrecht (Rebella Pirata fest)
2016.06.19 Bambara, Groningen (+ Autonomads)
2016.07.22 De Gym, Groningen (+ System Bastard, Komplex)
2016.09.17 Willemeen, Arnhem (Phonophobia Fest)
2016.10.07 Café Mukkes, Leeuwarden
2016.12.17 Jazzcafé De Spieghel, Groningen (+ Tsushimamire)

2017.01.21 The Rainbow House, Bruxelles BEL (PulletRocksParty)
2017.02.24 Gekraakte Loods, Zaandam (Huigtuig benefiet)
2017.03.18 Het Viadukt, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol, Bert Hadders & de Nozems, Moan, Uhgah? Wugah!, Cochon Bleu, Tranquis, Dorst, Whipster, De Fuckups)
2017.04.14 Alte Sportamt, Bremen GER
2017.04.13 Hafermarkt, Flensburg GER (+ Exilent and more)
2017.06.10 Bambara, Groningen (Earthshaker II)

Bikewars clip
Desensited clip