(1981 – 1985)

Bio: Starts in 1981 with a live drummer. The brothers Kuil are born in Nieuwegein but the first goes living in Utrecht, studies in Enschede and plays as a singer in Popgroep Kut and makes one of the first punkzine called Aambeeld while the latter starts living in Groningen. Hans and Hanneke come originally from Emmen but also live in Groningen. Vacuüm makes part of the Rood Wit Zwart federation and start doing concerts with a drummachine in 1982. Hanneke Schreuder handles the drummachine at gigs and sings a couple songs. Bart Droog plays trumpet and sings on a couple of songs. J.P. also runs the label Ruziek. When the brothers get into a fight, the band breaks up in 1985.

Description: Punk

Hans Sulman – guitar & vocals (1981-1985)
Rob Kuil † – bass & vocals
J.P. Kuil † – guitar & vocals
Hanneke Schreuder – drummachine (1982-1985)

Danny John Kristel aka Despo – guitar & vocals (1981-1981)
Reinie Hummel – drums (1981-1982)

Other bands:
Hans Sulman – Jammah Tammah, Das Aldi Combo, Rancid Grannies, Rudy And His Fascinators, Paul & André, Bob Sleigh And The Family Snow, Chuck Stars, Skania, Maison Du Malheur, Combo Knus & Gezellig, Phoenatix
Rob Kuil – E.N.E., Fermented, Massacubadset, Abces, Vivid Ointment, The Mortons, Rancid Grannies
Danny John Kristel aka Despo – Bollocks, Schizo’s
Reinie Hummel – Bollocks, Schizo’s
J.P. Kuil – Popgroep Kut

1982 – TAPE w/Ruzie (Not On Label, NL)
1984 – Vacuüm LP (Ruziek, NL)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 10.1983 by Dolf Planteijdt
1985 – Feest LP (Ruziek, NL)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam by Dolf Planteijdt
2001 – Vacuüm CDr (Not On Label, NL)
Recorded @ Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 10.1983 by Dolf Planteijdt / different mix!

1981 – Ruzie TAPE (Ruziek Cassettes, NL)
1982 – Destructief Jong Nederland TAPE (Ruziek Cassettes, NL)
1982 – Hatelijke Groenten 7” EP (Rood Wit Zwart, NL)
1983 – De Droog Tapes (Deel 1) TAPE (Ruziek Cassettes, NL)
1985 – International Sound Communication 6 TAPE (A Man’s Hate Production, UK)
1985 – Christenskins Present TAPE (Ruziek Cassettes, NL)
1986 – Emma 2xLP (M.A. Draje Records, NL)
1988 – Beatrix (Is A Lul!!!) TAPE (Walking Monk, NZ)
1988 – Mai 68 TAPE (Afrikakorps, FRA)

1983 – Wrakvee 1
1985 – Wrakvee 5

Concerts: (assorted)
1982.03.27 Simplon, Groningen (+ The Bollocks)
1982.09.12 Vera, Groningen (+ Massagraf, Jetset)
1982.11.19 Amalgama, Emmen (+ Massagraf, Jetset, Knåx, Zmiv)

1983.05.26 Doe Wat, Hengelo (+ Visitors, Poppi UK)
1983.05.28 ’t Koartling, Buitenpost (+ Massagraf, Vivid Ointment, Jetset, Bloedbad)
1983.10.01 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (+ Massagraf, Bloedbad, Jetset, Puinhoop)
1983.10.15 Haddingedwarsstraat, Groningen (+ Jetset, Puinhoop)
1983.11.05 O.J.C., Winschoten (+ Massagraf, Puinhoop, Bloedbad, Jetset1984.01.11 B.O.C., Amsterdam (+ B.G.K., Wargasm)

1984.01.12 Vera, Groningen (+ Puinhoop)
1984.03.08 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ Fahrenheit 451)
1984.03.24 Stokvishal, Arnhem (+ Glorious Death, Stanx, Pandemonium, Endlösung, Neuroot, Creeps, Brigade Fozzy, Parrafalia Visions, Arnhems Glory)
1984.05.03 De Kikker, Utrecht
1982.09.08 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ Massagraf, Jetset)
1984.11.17 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (+ Frites Modern)
1984.12.26 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Stanx, W.C.F., Crack Regiment, Oigasm, Zyklome A)

1985.10.26 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl

Rehearsal with drummer 1982
with Sanni/Bloedbad on drums and Bart Droog on vocals
@ the Rood Wit Zwart rehearsalroom in the O.R.K.Z., Groningen
From De Minima 1 (1984)