Many things have already happened since 1987 when AÇÃO DIRETA was originally put together in São Bernardo do Campo a city located in ABC, an industrial area of São Paulo: shows throughout Brazil, Argentina and Europe, many changes in the line-up, 05 albums released, participation in many compilations and a history based on attitude, persistence and faith on the hardcore style always in the underground scene.

In 1988 the first demo-tape "Temos que Agir" (We've gotta act) was recorded and gave them a chance to perform several shows and get many contacts which ended up with the recording of the first LP - "Resistirei"  (I´ll Resist) . Originally it was released in 1991 by Hellion Records from São Paulo and it was reedited in CD format in 1996 by the newly label Pecúlio Discos which is run by Ratos de Porão´s drummer, Boka. The LP brings the first and raw phase of the band which was purely influenced by a mix of the first Brazilian Punk Rock bands generation and the European hardcore with some touches of crossover.

   After several shows and heavy advertising, the band succeeded in getting a contract with Devil Discos from São Paulo and in 1994 released the second album "Baseado em Fatos Reais" (Based on Real Facts). The LP had RH Jackson and Gordo (Ratos de Porão) as producers and it showed a very original sound with incursions into acoustic and more elaborated lyrics with a cry out for justice. Once more the band got on the road for a series of shows in different cities reaching a very successful mini tour in Argentina by the end of 1996.


In 1997 the band celebrated their first decade of existence releasing the third album  "Entre a Benção e o Caos" (Between the Blessing and the Chaos). The CD released by Pecúlio Discos was a result of great amounts of effort, rehearsals, on the road experiences, living and activism which led the band to develop their work mixing acoustic tunes with tribal ones, deep and intelligent lyrics with fast and heavy hardcore. This CD was responsible for putting AÇÃO DIRETA among the most important hardcore bands in Brazil. It received very positive and good comments in many magazines locally as well as in Europe and the USA.


Supporting their new CD and also celebrating the 10th anniversary AÇÃO DIRETA decided to head for Europe - their first European tour which was under way during May/1997; Portugal, Spain, Euskadi, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Italy  were the countries where they played leaving a very positive outcome. Back to Brazil the band worked hard during rehearsals and released "Intervenção" (Intervention) in April/1999, their forth album.  Again the CD was released by Pecúlio Discos and brought a different sound, based on the experiences lived during their European tour.

This time the CD was also released in LP format due to the double effort from Broccoli Records (Germany) and Coletivo Mala Rasa (Spain). In order to promote this work  AÇÃO DIRETA got on the road on their second European tour in May/1999 . This time the band had the opportunity to visit Germany, Belgium, France, Euskadi, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria performing a total of 21 gigs. Back to Brazil the band reached the end of the year in great style, playing some gigs along with legendary bands such as Olho Seco and Agnostic Front.

In 2000 AÇÃO DIRETA celebrated 13 years releasing the CD "Risotto Bombs - Live" by Rasura Records; the CD brings a totally live recorded performance during their last European tour in Koper - Slovenia. It presents us with 29 songs captured in a very energetic show covering  their best moments during these 13 years on the road.

Now reaching the new millenium the band is getting ready to receive a great homenage in CD format : an AÇÃO DIRETA´s tribute which is about to be released by Rasura Records where 25 Brazilian underground bands are participating with one song each.

Among many other projects the band is about to be part of another great adventure : that's their third European tour which will he happening during September and October/2001 where AÇÃO DIRETA will be taking their message and music to around twelve different countries.

Entre A Bênção E O Caos
(taken from the "Entre A Bênção E O Caos"CD)
2:16 - 2.662 kB - 160 kbps

Deuses, Dogmas E A Violência
(taken from the "Entre A Bênção E O Caos"CD)
1:51 - 2.187 kB - 160 kbps

A Vida Sem A Arte
(taken from the "Entre A Bênção E O Caos"CD)
1:26 - 1.699 kB - 160 kbps

Chi Ci Vuole Morti...Ci Fa Piu Forti
(taken from the "Intervenção"CD)
2:14 - 2.622 kB - 160 kbps

Michael Bacteria

P.O.Box 752

9700 AT Groningen

Gepeto - vocals
Marcus "Pancho" - guitar
- bass guitar

Marcão - drums