Shikari – Shikari 7″ EP 2002

Title: Shikari
Label: Level Plane Records, USA
Year: November 2002
Press: 500
Recorded: Kuschelrock Studio, Schwanewede Germany 18-20 August 2001
Additional: This was originally to be released on Throne Records in Spain but we pulled out last minute because of a xenophobic band in their catalogue (Voice Of Hate with Daryl Kahan/Citizens Arrest) / To be released in Europe by Nova Records in Germany with 2 different testpressings, but canceled due to bad quality / The US version was already pressed and sounds slightly better but still not good / Re-released as a CDEP on Level Plane Records / Last part of the lyric for The Last Thing hasn’t been printed / Dirk Kusche on 2nd guitar on Dead Men //
A1. Dead Men
A2. Morning Wood
B1. Utopia Dismantled
B2. The Last Thing

Eldorado Testpressing
Eldorado Testpressing