(1976 – 1983)

Bio: This is the second period of Subway. The first period was from 1969 until 1972 where they were influenced by the Doors and Velvet Underground, had a couple of dancers and a lightshow and did their first show with Fleetwood Mac in De Korenbeurs in Groningen. Subway reformed in 1976, surf along the punkrising and the Groninger Springtij and release a couple of records. In 1978 they do a short UK tour and play more rocking rhythm and blues like The Rolling Stones and Pretty Things. Last gig on the My Generation Festival in De Oosterpoort in 1983.

Paul Penninkhof aka Pretty Paul Morelli – guitar, vocals
Peter Schriemer aka Pete The Screamer – vocals
Rob Kauffman aka Robbie Rauser – bass, vocals
Anne Kraster † – guitar (1982-1983)

Wessel Babtist aka Wes The Whipper – drums (1976-1980)
Theo Haken – guitar (1976-1978)
Erik De Zwaan – guitar (1980-1982)
Tonny Uil aka Mr. Tid Solo – guitar (1978-1979)

Other bands:
Paul Penninkhof – Paul & André, Die Twee, Elvis Sinatra En De Stones, Jumping The Blues, Billy Carrot, T-Beng
Peter Schriemer – Deliboys, Jan Hekert Experience, Pro-P.M.
Rob Kauffman – Jan Hekert Experience, Paul & André, S5 + 1, Soma Demagogic Pray Foundation
Wessel Babtist – A.A. & The Doctors, The Humps, Powerplay, White Sun, Blueshouse Fusion, Backstreet Blues Band, Progenitive, Balloon, The Darlenes, White Honey, Paul & André, Norman And The Starmakers, Eddy & The Race, Cockerpower, King Lier, Jackie’s Raw Collective, Fongers Band, Neighbours, Dixie Chicken, Sugar Boy Harry And The Race, Tiger, Johnny Blue & The Race, Harry-G-Bluesband
Anne Kraster – Terraplane, Streetbeats, The Darlenes, Paul & André, Norman And The Starmakers, Quincy Dence Band, Catwalk, Woarom Nait, Eddy Koekkoek, Dark Ravens Of Dance, Catfever, Duo Flamengo
Theo Haken – The Eagle Five, MAF, S5 + 1, Sunflakes And Sunshine, Sunshine Express
Erik De Zwaan – Parnassus, The Meteors, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Streetbeats, Paul & André, Dead Rabbits, Phoney & The Hardcore
Tony Uil – The Act, Radio Active

1979 – Jesus Loves Me 7” single (No Fun, NL)
1979 – One Way Subway LP (Universe Productions, NL)
Recorded @ Blue Tape Studio, Luinjebert by Michiel Hoogenboezem

1978 – Muziekkrant Oor Presenteert Keihard En Swingend! LP (EMI, NL)
1983 – My Generation 2x LP (North Star Productions, NL)
1992 – Back To The Seventies – Groninger Springtij 92 CD (Music Rebellion, NL)
1996 – I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It CD (Epitaph, USA
1998 – Killed By Epitaph 2x LP (Bootleg)
1999 – Killed By Death #24 (Bootleg)
2012 – The Future Won’t Be Long TAPE (Mississippi Records, USA)
2014 – Killed By God (The Devil’s Music 1977-’83) CDr (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)
2015 – I Don’t Care (The No Fun And Plurex Singles) LP (Pseudonym, NL)
2016 – I Don’t Care Collection (Dutch Punk 1977-1983) 2x CD (Pseudonym, NL)
2017 – Deviants Have More Fun (Punk Rarities 1977-’83) CD (Fab Fuhrer Records, BEL)

Concerts: (assorted)
1977.07.29 Impuls Theater, Groningen (+ Quint, Nikx, Paul & André)
1977.08.27 Huize Maas, Groningen (+ The Boys)
1977.10.28 Delfzijl
1977.11.18 Stadsparkpaviljoen, Groningen (+ Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers)

1978.01.13 Vera, Groningen (+ Phoney And The Hardcore, The Streetbeats)
1978.02.01 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Blitzz, The Game)
1978.02.15 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Suzannes, The Lizards, Captain Coke) (recordings Keihard & Swingend LP)
1978.02.24 Trefkoel, Groningen (+ Jan Rot, The Streetbeats)
1978.03.08 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ God’s Heart Attack)
1978.03.24 Simplon, Groningen (+ Fandango) (Opening)
1978.05.25 De Bronx, Groningen (+ Paul & André)
1978.08.18 USVA, Groningen (+ The Streetbeats)
1978.08.28 Oosterpoort, Groningen (+ Spirit, Greg Kihn, Smirks, Andy Desmond, Bob Kerr’s Band, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Dead Fingers Talk, Advertising, Tapes, Suzannes, Helmettes, New Adventures, Deaf Mute)
1978.10.26 De Bronx, Groningen
1978.11.07 Hope & Anchor, London UK
1978.11.10 Barbarella’s, Birmingham UK
1978.11.11 The Mayflower Club, Manchester UK (+ Gloria Mundi)
1978.12.07 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Paul & André)

1979.03.11 Tin Pan Alley, Emmen (+ Racing Cars)
1979.03.31 Praediniusgymnasium, Groningen
1979.04.12 De Bronx
1979.09.06 Huize Maas, Groningen (+ Wreckless Eric)
1979.11.16 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Tourists)
1979.12.18 The Eagle, Baflo (+ Paul & André)

1980.01.04 Old Smugler, Valthermond
1980.02.02 Vera, Groningen (+ Plot) (laatste optreden drummer Wes The Wipper)
1980.02.15 Dorpshuis, Eelde (w/new drummer)
1980.03.17 Simplon, Groningen (+ Inga Rumpf)
1980.05.14 Excess GER
1980.07.18 Pentastoma, Roden (+ TBC)
1980.08.01 Veemarkthal, Sneek (+ Rory Gallagher Band)
1980.09.05 Tin Pan Alley, Emmen (+ Eyes)
1980.09.26 Dorpshuis, Eelde
1980.11.23 Huize Maas, Groningen (+ Frankie Miller)

1981.02.04 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+The Blitz, Sammy America Gasphetti)

1983.02.05 Oosterpoort, Groningen (+ many more) (My Generation Festival)

@ De Kattebak, Groningen