1978 – now

Simplon used to be a cannery and later a raincoat factory. It became empty at the beginning of the 70’s and gets squatted by hippies and artists in March 1976. It was a continuation of the illustrious Chappaqua centre in the Zoutstraat that burned down on new years eve 1973. In September 1976 Simplon becomes officially a youthcenter and gets a big renovation. It’s  only in March 1978 they start to organize concerts.

Throughout the years, the concertroom had an infamous “hole” because the floor was sunk in the middle. Very inconvenient for drunk people (I broke a leg in 1983 during a concert because of it) and they got rid of it in the 00’s during a renovation. The place still exists after the necessary ups and downs.

These are the concerts (assorted) from the beginning until their end of the punkwave around 1983.

1978.03.24 Subway, Fandango
1978.03.25 Plant
1978.03.26 Sarod
1978.03.27 Phoney and the Hardcore
1978.03.29 Jan Rot And The Streetbeats
1978.04.01 Rosa King, Upside Down
1978.04.08 The Full Moon Band
1978.04.15 The Metal Voices
1978.04.22 Merchandise
1978.04.25 Mélusine
1978.04.28 The Larry Rose Band
1978.05.12 Pacific Eardrum
1978.05.20 Koala
1978.05.26 The Attraction, The Street Beats
1978.06.09 Carlsberg
1978.06.21 The Whites and The Blacks
1978.06.23 Busby Berkeleys
1978.09.09 New Adventures, Basil Balls Up Band
1978.10.01 Deaf Mute, Extravaganza, De Meute, The Street Survivors, Links, Lord Zero, The Bleebo Gang, Blue Heat, The Fuck-Ups, Simple, Fire Stones, Nurse, So What, Pearl Ash, White Honey, Triste Groupe, After Midnight
1978.10.07 Barry Ford, After Midnight
1978.10.08 Superjones
1978.10.15 Magna Carta, Dyed
1978.10.22 The Streetbeats
1978.10.26 Burton Greene Quartet
1978.10.28 Tradition
1978.11.04 Bapao
1978.11.09 Elton Dean Quartet
1978.11.12 Steps, Super Jazz Quartet

1979.03.24 Tedje En De Flikkers
1979.05.19 The Darlenes
1979.05.26 The Darlenes and more
1979.06.15 Fair Game
1979.06.23 Pavane, Wonderful Whooper
1979.06.30 Easy And Lovely, The Boobs, Argus, Pop The Question
1979.09.01 Paul & André, X-Race
1979.09.04 The Darlenes, Pop The Question
1979.09.07 Oxford
1979.09.14 Asquith, Control, Jinx, Central Heating, Dead End Street, Topsy Turvy Life, Vortex, Fade In, Gallard Blues
1979.09.29 Novakarta
1979.10.05 Midnight Visitor, Suster Poppy
1979.11.02 The Country Ramblers
1979.11.09 Hot Willy’s Music Band
1979.11.16 The New Darlenes
1979.11.23 Firestone
1979.12.07 Street Survivors, Illegal Point, TBC
1979.12.14 Plot
1979.12.21 Warren Harry, Plant

1980.01.05 TBC, Boegies, Vomit Trays, The Toilets, Nitwitz, The Studs, Revo, The Boobs
1980.01.18 The Cute, Tourist Music, Street Survivors, Vortex, Illegal Point
1980.02.22 White Honey
1980.02.23 The Zips
1980.02.29 Warren Harry Zora-Zora
1980.03.01 TBC, Red Rizla & The Stubs, Vopo’s, Teije’s Mess Express (TBC Benefit)
1980.03.07 Suster Poppy
1980.03.08 Vomittrays, Boegies, Society Killers, Barracuda Business
1980.03.14 Timmi Ritmo
1980.03.15 Looky Turnip, The Rioters
1980.03.21 The Heat
1980.03.22 Chinatown, Trieste Troep
1980.03.27 Subway, Inga Rumpf
1980.03.28 Rousers, Teije’s Mess Express
1980.03.29 Tourist Music, Injectors, Pop The Question, Cute
1980.04.04 Plant, Mark Foggo & Secret Meeting
1980.04.05 Rasters, Neopunkz, The Toilets
1980.04.07 Vopo’s, The Studs
1980.04.11 Peewee and the Specials
1980.04.12 De Viltjes, Extra Smeikals, The Vultures
1980.04.18 Super Jones
1980.04.19 Nassau Gang, The Zips
1980.04.25 The Dutch, Two Minute Heroes
1980.04.26 The Voiz, Opstoot, Cruckling Toes, Rapid Cheer, The Hostages, Nexus, The Problems, Linda Ohl
1980.05.02 Carlsberg
1980.05.03 Shith
1980.05.09 The Spiderz
1980.05.10 Social Security, The Dummies
1980.05.16 Headline
1980.05.17 Stadzguerilla, The Squats, Second Lesson
1980.05.23 Front Page, Timmi Ritmo
1980.05.24 Features
1980.05.30 Trampoline
1980.06.06 Chemical Bank, The Modern World of Geoff Leigh, Slipover Quintet
1980.06.07 Ashtrays, Suburbans, The Naughties, Kotx
1980.06.13 The Scene, The Voiz
1980.06.14 The Scratch, Tox Modell, Interior
1980.06.20 Jan van der Grond Groep, André Kas Band
1980.06.21 Inside Nipples
1980.06.27 Jan Rot, Biggles, Spitfires
1980.06.28 Ketchup, BVD
1980.07.05 Nul-50, The Wallz, Piss Offs, Sing Sing Sing Alongs
1980.08.02 Headline
1980.08.08 Soul Survivors
1980.08.09 Boegies, Piss Offs, The Toilets
1980.09.13 Rakketax, Bizon Kids
1980.08.16 Spoiled Sperm, The Scrunch, The Chops
1980.08.30 Cheap ‘n’ Nasty
1980.09.06 Nitwitz
1980.09.12 The Blue Sounds
1980.09.18 Warren Harry
1980.09.20 Two Two 79, Vopo’s, Rags
1980.09.27 The Zips, Who?
1980.10.01 Neo Punkz
1980.10.04 The Ex, Workmates
1980.10.10 Mecano
1980.10.11 Whizzguy
1980.10.15 Bunker
1980.10.18 The Nixe, The Lullabies
1980.10.24 Prostitutes
1980.10.25 Ivy Green
1980.11.01 Blitzrock, World War Rockerz
1980.11.07 Clapcats, Red Rizla & The Stubs
1980.11.08 Svätsox, Tempolärm, De Groeten, World War Rockerz
1980.11.15 Pace, Piss Offs, GRRS
1980.11.22 Tröckener Kecks, Intensive Care
1980.11.29 Stromsperre, Beton Combo
1980.12.06 Vultures, Hendomatix
1980.12.20 Codiac Stone, Young & Innocent, Trucks
1980.12.24 Røtzøløs, The Rags, Abcess, Two Two 79, Iglo’s, Rode Smurfen, Aigretjes, The Chops, Jetset, Zmiv, Silent Fiction, P.V.S., Slonz, The Encyklieks, Hendomatix, Censuur (Martini on the Rocks Festival)

1981.01.09 Local Heroes
1981.01.10 Nitwitz, The Studs
1981.01.17 S5, MP’s, Crumpets
1981.01.24 Pleeboy, Clits, Rabies, Riot
1981.01.30 Werk in Uitvoering
1981.01.31 The Cavia’s, The Rapers, Noxious
1981.02.07 Kripo’s, Splash
1981.02.21 Malicious Damage, Anti-Pope
1981.02.28 Two Two 79, Jetset
1981.03.07 Prime Ministers, Short Circuit
1981.03.13 The Toilets, The Shit
1981.03.21 Endlösung, Neo Pogo’s, S.C. Rotterdub, Onder Geniepig, Simpelsound
1981.03.28 Stability 5, Piss Offs, 4227-B
1981.04.04 The Chops, Jetset, P.U.S., Abces
1981.04.10 Androids Of Mu
1981.04.11 Kodiac Stone, Young And Innocent, Idiots
1981.04.20 Heavy Chicks, Real Insects
1981.04.24 The Injectors, Primitives
1981.04.25 Bunker, The Rags
1981.05.01 Naked, 1992
1981.05.02 Vopo’s, Boegies
1981.05.14 Theatre of Hate
1981.05.16 Identicals, The Scabs
1981.05.22 Scala 3, Gdansk
1981.05.23 De Brassers
1981.05.30 Rucky Zucky Stimmungkapelle, Ixtoc-I
1981.06.05 Neon, The Diamond Dogs
1981.06.06 Nitwitz, Götterflies
1981.06.08 Røtzøløs
1981.06.13 5% Vol. Alcohol, Zmiv
1981.06.19 Method Actors, Happy Few
1981.06.20 Kenzeichen D, Substral
1981.06.27 Kotx, Endlösung, J. Dops Band, Kroepoeks
1981.08.28 Subway, Dark Ravens of Dance, E Vacato Suicidato, W.K En De Stiefbroeders
1981.09.04 Television Personalities
1981.09.18 Theatre Of Hate
1981.09.26 Eton Crop, Tröckener Kecks
1981.10.03 Pin Baskets, The Mets, Image Damage
1981.10.09 The Buttocks
1981.10.17 J. Dops Band., De Onderwereld, Debiele Eenheid
1981.10.23 Birthday Party
1981.10.31 Kripo’s, No Use
1981.11.14 Hollands Glorie, C’est Ca
1981.11.17 Anti-Pasti
1981.11.21 The Ex, Svätsox
1981.12.11 Brassers, Siglo XX
1981.12.24 Roeg Toeg, Disenlights, Apinti, The Primitives, De IJsbrekers
1981.12.26 The Mets, Zmiv, Vultures, The Chops, Kripo’s, Boegies, Zoeptossn, Tomahawks, Pogostyx, 5% Vol. Alcohol (Rock Against Christmas)

1982.01.01 AA & The Doctors, Dead Rabbits
1982.01.07 The Delmontes
1982.01.09 Mornington Crescent, Kodiac Stone
1982.01.16 Roeg Toeg
1982.01.28 Chron Gen
1982.02.12 No XQ’s, No-Song Kutkotz, The Bloods
1982.02.13 Alternative Kill, Jetset
1982.02.19 Slonz
1982.02.20 Image Damage, De Leukoplassers
1982.02.27 Pin Baskets, The Jerks
1982.03.06 The Call, Berlin, Paris Taxi
1982.03.13 Pistache B.V., Zaadstengels
1982.03.18 Johnny G., Shorty
1982.03.20 Boegies, Roeg Toeg
1982.03.25 Umtsjek, Lillidrop
1982.03.27 The Bollocks, Vacuüm
1982.04.02 dB’s
1982.04.03 Central Heating, No Parking, Non Alignment Pact, Liz And The Taylors, I Spy
1982.04.10 Riot, Lol En De Ellendelingen
1982.04.17 La Résistance, Subnitz
1982.04.23 Van Kaye, Ignit
1982.04.24 Vopo’s, End Result
1982.04.30 Hass, Out of Order, The Chops
1982.05.07 The Toilets, Desert Corbusier
1982.05.08 Kapsones, 1.2.3.
1982.05.14 Sprung aus dem Wolken, Inri in Tricot, Alexander von Borsig
1982.05.15 Hollands Glorie
1982.05.19 R.B.’s
1982.05.22 Ping-Wing, Vortex, Timmi Ritmo
1982.05.28 The Managers, Beatnicks
1982.05.29 Ivy Green
1982.06.05 Flipenlager, Hetzjagd, Splatch, Zmiv, Knax
1982.06.19 Moto Gene, Umtsjek, Dirge
1982.06.30 Mathilde Santing
1982.08.07 Red Zebra
1982.09.18 Bunker, Defect
1982.10.02 Boyscouts, Yuma, Quincy Dence Band
1982.10.08 O.H.L.
1982.10.14 Chelsea
1982.10.16 Urban Blight
1982.10.22 Prins Bernard And The Lockheeds
1982.11.06 Happy Few, The Bills, Twelve Inch From Heaven
1982.11.11 Vice Squad
1982.11.19 Bojoband
1982.12.12 The Bloods, No-Song Kutkotz, X.O.S.
1982.12.17 Casual Affairs
1982.12.18 Tragic Verdun, Boegies, Dirge

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