(1899 – now)

Vera is an acronym for “Veri et Recti Amici” which is Latin for “True and Sincere Friends” and was the name for the Dutch Protestant student society founded in 1899. In the 70’s the closed character of the society changes and it becomes an open youth club. They evaluate into a left wing youth centre with mostly jazz, blues and pubrock concerts. The punkscene was mainly concentrated in Huize Maas in the 70’s and later in Simplon. Vera was mostly for hippies and mainly organised movies, theatre and political discussions. All activities were done by different groups: a womengroup, flikkergroup, squatgroup, programming-group, group for all oppressed people in Indonesia, Indiangroup…etc. The youthcentre was a breeding ground for innovation. Vera builds a musical reputation and when Peter Weening becomes the new programmer in 1980 (he was supposed to do it for one year only, but is still in charge), the place concentrates more on the underground.

This is an assorted list of new wave/punk concerts until 1983.

1977.01.13 Vibrators, Incubus (Stranglers cancelled)

1978.04.06 The Flyin’ Spiderz
1978.04.20 The Softies

1979.04.14 New Adventures, Easy, Gestoordt, After Midnight (Rock Against Racism)
1979.04.28 The Flyin’ Spiderz
1979.05.26 Tedje En De Flikkers
1979.09.11 Penetration
1979.10.25 The Popgroup
1979.12.02 Girlschool
1979.12.06 The Spiderz
1979.12.08 Vortex, The Boobs
1979.12.16 XTC

1980.01.17 The Ruts, The Boobs
1980.01.19 Joy Division, Red Rizla & The Stubs
1980.02.02 Plot, Subway
1980.02.11 Gang Of Four, Vomit Trays
1980.03.09 Secret Affair
1980.03.16 Simple Minds, The Cate
1980.03.23 Crass, Poison Girl, KGB, Annie Anxiety, Seaman Stockton
1980.04.13 Cowboys International, TBC
1980.04.20 The Beat, The Problems
1980.04.26 The Toilets, Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark
1980.05.01 The Tapes
1980.06.22 Mo-dettes, Red Rizla & The Stubs
1980.06.29 The Members, The Licks
1880.08.10 Gang Of Four
1980.08.28 Delta 5
1980.10.11 U.K. Subs, The Boobs, Piss Offs
1980.10.16 U2
1980.10.19 The Boys, Nul-50
1980.11.18 Bad Manners
1980.11.22 Bauhaus
1980.12.04 Essential Logic

1981.01.18 Au Pairs
1981.02.08 Mecano
1981.02.15 Roeg Toeg, John Cooper Clarke
1981.02.17 Delta 5, Pere Ubu
1981.02.22 Blurt, Extra Smeikals
1981.03.05 The Sound
1981.03.22 Das Wesen, Minni Pops
1981.03.29 Poison Girls, Annie Anxiety, Boegies
1981.04.05 Linton Kwesi Johnson, Koekrant Dichters
1981.04.12 Basement 5
1981.05.17 Aigretjes, Rags, The Fall
1981.04.23 Comsat Angels, Patrik Fitzgerald
1981.05.01 Werk In Uitvoering
1981.05.03 The Chops, Roeg Toeg
1981.05.10 Medium Medium
1981.06.11 The Slits
1981.06.14 Mo-dettes
1981.06.21 The Passage, Happy Few
1981.06.28 Nasmak, Plus Instruments
1981.07.07 Killing Joke
1981.08.20 Modern Eon
1981.09.05 Comsat Angels
1981.09.24 The Exploited
1981.10.11 Raincoats
1981.10.16 Roeg Toeg (single presentatie)
1981.10.18 The Injectors, Delta 5
1981.10.22 DAF, Check The Computer
1981.11.01 Psychedelic Furs
1981.11.12 Passions
1981.11.14 Modern English
1981.11.22 The Gladiators
1981.11.26 Bauhaus
1981.11.29 Discharge, Vopo’s
1981.12.17 Lydia Lunch, E Vocato Suicidato

1982.02.11 Schlaflose Nächte
1982.02.14 Extra Smeikals, Slonz, Injectors, Roeg Toeg (Brain Damage 3)
1982.01.24 Vice Squad, Boegies
1982.02.27 No-Song Kutkotz
1982.03.11 La Danza Moderna, Desert Corbusier (Brain Damage 4)
1982.03.21 Mekanik Kommando, Vice
1982.03.25 Images Immortelles, Dark Ravens of Dance, Laura (Brain Damage 5)
1982.03.27 Nasmak, Der Junge Hund
1982.04.01 Scars
1982.04.08 Malaria
1982.04.12 The Fall, Eton Crop
1982.04.29 This Heat
1982.05.01 Virgin Prunes
1982.05.02 Crimes Of Nature, I.C.A., Spoetnik 5 (Brain Damage 6)
1982.05.13 Fehlfarben
1982.05.22 The Cops, Medium Medium
1982.06.03 Theatre Of Hate
1982.06.05 The Birthday Party, Lydia Lunch
1982.06.13 Katzenjammerkidz, De Platjes, 12 Omgevingen (Brain Damage 7)
1982.06.19 Pig Bag
1982.06.24 Niet Reëel Aanbod, Rubella Ballet, Poison Girls
1982.08.15 Blurt
1982.08.19 Au Pairs
1982.09.05 Wasted Youth (+ I.C.A.)
1982.09.09 Modern English
1982.09.12 Jetset, Massagraf, Vacuüm
1982.09.16 The Fixx
1982.09.23 The Dance Society
1982.10.07 Conflict, Omega Tribe, Hollands Glorie
1982.10.21 Liaisions Dangereuses
1982.10.24 Cross Purpose, Dirge, The Three Slowones
1982.10.30 Five Or Six, Katzenjammerkidz
1982.11.04 Virgin Prunes
1982.11.18 Eyeless In Gaza
1982.11.28 The Box

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