(Last Update: 08.09.2003)


In september 2003 we would like to experience a tour in France and Spain, covering different aspects of the country and it's scenes. Big towns, small villages, squats, youthcenters, clubs, houserooms, we want to try it all! Ofcourse, all giving opportunities will be taken. This will be the first time we will go there as a band and we are equally open as unknown about the movement you have. So far we played west-and east europe, so it is about time to rock down the south!! Hasta luego/au revoir, COCKROACH

We will be with
4 people and most probably a simple car.
We need
: for the concert: vocal p.a./equipment including microphones. Also sleepingplace, warm vegetarian food, some free drinks, if possible: breakfast for the next day, and as much money as the organizers can afford to give us.
We have/bring
: Backline (guitar & bass amplifier plus cabinets), drumkit & instruments.
Michael Bacteria
P.O.Box 752
9700 AT Groningen


wednesday 3/9: Paris FRA
thursday 4/9: FRA
friday 5/9: Barcelona SPA
saturday 6/9: Valencia SPA
sunday 7/9: Benidorm SPA (w/Chuck Norris Revenge)
monday 8/9: off
tuesday 9/9: SPA
wednesday 10/9: Zaragoza SPA
thursday 11/9: Madrid SPA
friday 12/9: Euskadi
saturday 13/9: Euskadi
sunday 14/9: Euskadi
monday 15/9: off
tuesday 16/9: FRA
wednesday 17/9: Bordeaux FRA

"Does Age Matter?" - taken from Cockroach/Mihoen! split 7"
(0:40, 795 kb, 160 kbps)

Already existing since 1996 as a 4-piece. One of the better new Dutch hc bands along with Mihoen and Makiladoras. Have already toured and played around eastern and western europe. Lyrics (Dutch and English language) deal with political, social and personal topics. In their records are always good and clear explanations.  

"Lost Generation" tape (10 songs)
(1998, Cockroach, Netherlands)

split 7" with MIHOEN! (6 songs)
(2000, In The Wok/Cockroach/Balowski, Netherlands)

split 7" with GRIDE (5 songs)
(2002, k.a.z. re-chords, Slovakia)

"Stay Angry" 7" (8 songs)
(2000, Acme Records, USA)

Promo 2000 compilation CD-r (11 songs)
(2002, Cockroach, NL)

"Decide On Change" compilation LP (2 songs)
(2003, Mountain c.i.a., Usa To Clone)

"A Mummy Into A Dummy" compilation CD (1 song)
(2002, Quickdummies, U.S.A.)

"Nedertrash In Opkomst" compilation 7'' EP (2 songs)
(2002, UPS, NL)

"Dutch Trash vs East-European Energy"
split compilation Tape w/Mihoen (15 songs)
(2001, k.a.z. re-chords, Slovakia)