Shikari – Shikari CDEP 2003

Title: Shikari
Label: Level Plane Records, USA
Year: October 2003
Press: 1000
Recorded: Kuschelrock Studio, Schwanewede Germany 18-20 August 2001
Additional: this is the 7″ EP plus a concert in DivX video shot in Worm, Rotterdam 27.06.2001
1. Dead Men
2. Morning Wood
3. Utopia Dismantled
4. The Last Thing 
Video1. Dead Men
Video2. Robot Wars
Video3. Biela
Video4. Morning Wood
Video5. The Last Thing
Video6. Written
Video7. Tekila
Video8. Copycat
Video9. Fuel
Video10. Attitude
Video11. You Know So Well
Video12. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken Cover)