W.N.C. aka Wolters-Noordhoff Complex

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(1985 – 1990)

The WNC is the name of a printing house and is a complex existing of about 30 buildings in the middle of the centre of the city of Groningen. The first buildings are squatted in November 1985, the rest follows in the years after. There’s livingspace for 40 people and there’s rooms for work and activities. Through the years the completely demolished (from the inside) buildings were renovated and made into:

Dagcafé Het Gebrek (a daybar that also does political infonights)
Concerthall where tons of local and international bands play
Nightcafé called De Perfectie (that also do concerts)
Bakfietsenwerkplaats (cargo bike workingplace)
Womenscafé called De Derde Dame (The Third Lady)
Magazineshop called 689
Record/Cassetteshop called De Teller
Radio called De Zwarte Hemel
Restaurant called Salmonella

One of the conditions to live there is not to negotiate with the media and authorities, no matter what.