(Groningen, 2022 – now)

Meaning Bandname: It’s 2023 and finding a decent bandname that’s not already in use is difficult. We went for Partner. Sounds good right?

Bio: Inspired at Vera’s Gibby Fest in September 2022 to start a new hardcore punk band, sometime soon after four people went for it. Made up four songs in as many rehearsals and recorded those on tape in January 2023. Found a new drummer in Leiden and started playing in April that same year. Ready to kick in your teeth.

Description: A no compromise hardcore punk assault.

Gerald Timmermans – vocals
Marnix Visscher – guitar
Tim Prins – bass
Jan Lugtenburg – drums (2023–now)

Tim van der Steen – drums (2022-2023)

Other bands:
Gerald Timmermans – Suffering Quota, Gerrie Hendrix, The Charles De Gaulle’s, …And The Gods Made Coffee, Mental Wounds
Marnix Visscher – Korfbal, Price
Tim Prins – Glitch, GIF, Altered States, Swindle, Propagator, Gascoigne
Jan Lugtenburg – Disuse, Brodequin, Soils of Fate, Contorted Mind
Tim van der Steen – Youth Deprivation, Stresssysteem, Devoid, Coping Mechanism, Motion Sickness, Kozel, Verkrust

2023 – I-IV TAPE (Lower Class Kids Records, GER / Rat Race Records, NL)
Recorded @ Moshpit of Creation, Groningen 08.01.2023 by Marnix Visscher, mixed by Marnix Visscher and mastered by JB van der Wal. Press: 90. Tim van der Steen plays drums on these recordings.

2023.04.07 Moshpit of Creation, Groningen (+ Oust, The Breed)
2023.04.27 Neushoorn, Leeuwarden (+ Hamerhaai, Throatstabber, Menacer, Kronol) (Hard op Koningsdag)

Source: Tim Prins