(2019 – now)

Meaning Bandname: A sudden malfunction or irregularity.

Bio: Formed at December of 2019. That one band you start on a fridaynite in the Vera Kelderbar when talking to friends about starting a band. That’s what happened. Steady stomping ever since.

Description: New wave of Groningen HC. Hardcore for hardcore, violent music for punks.

Peter van der Ploeg – guitar
Jeroen Klootsema – vocals
Reynaert Vosveld – drums
Tim Prins – bass

Other bands:
Peter van der Ploeg – Fake O’s
Jeroen Klootsema – Real Farmer, Abduct
Reynaert Vosveld – Youth Deprivation, Komplex, System Bastard
Tim Prins – GIF, Altered States, Swindle, Propagator, Gascoigne

2021 – Tells It Like It Is TAPE (Tartarus, NL) (not out yet)

2021.05.08 Vera, Groningen (Videostream)

Source: Reynaert Vosveld