(2021 – now)

Meaning Bandname: The name Frontsector originated from a little booklet, our frontman Sil Zijlstra had laying around in his house. The booklet was a magazine made during world war two by the Dutch resistance movement. The magazine contained poetry and songs to be shared among the people, as moral comfort during desperate times.

Bio: From Groningen.The band started existing around March 2020, during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Drummer Siebren Tammenga, bass player Haico and guitarist Dylan Hayes former band failed because of various reasons. The three musicians were looking for a new frontman, and Sil Zijlstra was a natural. After only one rehearsal it was set in stone, and the band came to be. 

Description: Frontsector currently produces a fine mix between old skool punk, garage rock with an edge of hardcore. 

Sil Zijlstra – vocals
Haico Menger – bass
Siebren Tammenga – drums
Dylan Hayes – guitar

Other bands:
Haico Menger – Decay
Dylan Hayes – Youth Deprivation

2021.08.28 Peizerweg, Groningen

Source: Haico Menger