No I.D., Aside @ Ateneu, Badalona SPA 28 July 1998

Monday 27/07: off
We take most stuff of Aside and dump everything at the Ateneu in Badalona. We meet with a totally trimmed organiser Italiano/E-150 and go into the citycentre. We visit the Outline shop of Boliche/Subterranean Kids where we also meet Beni/E-150, some drumshops, El Lokal to spend more ptas and the 4 Pasos Café where we got delicious vegetarian food. On the Ramblas we run into genuine naziskins. We just get on the last metro to Badalona and sleep on the cool balcony of the Ateneu.

Tuesday 28/07: We get vocalequipment. Yesterday Pelle bought a new cymbal and he went tot he Barcelone footballstadium to buy a shirt. We spend time again at the beach and I get burned. At the Ateneu we make dinner with Italiano and have fun with the tablefootball. There’s cops at our van but nothing too serious. Aside arrives and their car is fixed! We stumble upon Matthias from Emden who’s here with 2 friends. Abraham/E-150 and Boliche with foreign company are around as well. We’ll sleep again on the cool balcony.

No I.D. (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Aside (Rennes, France)