No I.D., Dios Odioso, Protesis, Aside @ Centre Cívic La Fonteta, Sant Feliu De Codines SPA 25 July 1998

Wednesday 22/07: Groningen – Luxembourg
We arrive in Luxembourg on time for a change but after 1,5 hour of waiting and some phonecalls it turns out it is the wrong day… We search for a sleepingplace in a forest.

Thursday 23/07: Luxembourg – Saint-Étienne
The weather’s getting hot. Wienand injures his knee. Around 20.00 we get picked up by Denis, Thierry and Yann in the L’Entrepots. I’m really glad I brought a mobile telephone! We stay at Thierry’s place and make food, fool around and sleep on the cool balcony.

Friday 24/07: Saint-Étienne – Girona
When we arrive at the La Fleca squat, we see the building is no more. It was demolished just a few days ago. We meet with Jordi the organiser and Aside who came with 2 cars instead of a van. This will definitely going to cost! And one of the cars already broke down… Jordi can put us on one of the festivals in Salt but it starts at 2.00. We decline coz we’re too tired. Jordi and co. are going to make food and drop us off at some nice swimmingspot where we spent 2 hours in the water. After the great dinner we go to the sleepingplace. Some of us go to the fiesta where also a punkband is playing.

Saturday 25/07: The concert of today is moved from Castelltercol to Sant Feliu De Codines. Wienand got a tick and Aside goes to look for a garage. It’s getting really hot. After difficulties to park the van, we spent time at the sea. At the concert venue we meet organizers Pau and Dani. The French car got a ventilatorproblem because of overheating. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. The first band plays alot of covers but it’s very sloppy punk. Next band sounds alright but plays too long. Aside and No I.D. deliver. This is a benefit for a small local radio station where we also sleep. Food is organized within 30 minutes and we eat at a beautiful long table. We get explained where the next gig is.

Packing at the Viadukt
No I.D.
No I.D.
From Empowerment #9

No I.D. (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Aside (Rennes, France)
Dios Odioso (La Roca Des Vallès, Spain)
Protesis (Granollers, Spain)