Fleas And Lice / Mushroom Attack – In Jan Crust We Trust / Mushroom Attack LP 1996

Title: In Jan Crust We Trust / Mushroom Attack
Label: Axiome Production, France
Year: 1996
Press: 1000
Recorded: FLEAS AND LICE: live @ Baroeg, Rotterdam 07.05.1995 MUSHROOM ATTACK: live @ Narrowboat, Nottingham UK 13.05.1992
A01. Deutschland
A02. I Don’t Need You
A03. Up The Punks
A04. Live For Pleasure Not For Pain
A05. Squat Eurodisney
A06. Back In The Streets
A07. Huntscum
A08. Sick Of It All
A09. Woke Up In The Morning
B01. We Are Happy With Our Rats
B02. Keep On Consuming
B03. Stop Clause 25
B04. Kill The Pigs
B05. Take A Stand
B06. Fuck Nazis
B07. Billy Graham
B08. Revolt
B09. Vergewaltiger Wir Kriegen Euch
B10. Ban The Bombs
Comment: Comes with insert / Pink vinyl / Handnumbered //