Mushroom Attack – Mushroom Attack TAPE 1996

Band: Mushroom Attack
Title: Mushroom Attack
Label: Trująca Fala, Poland
Year: 1996
Recorded: A01-A09: Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 05-07.09.1990 by Dolf Planteijdt B01-B10: Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Amsterdam 01-02.11.1991 by Dolf Planteijdt
A01. Revolt
A02. We Are Happy With Our Rats
A03. Consuming
A04. Mohawk Struggle
A05. Kill The Pigs
A06. Political Asylum
A07. Campaign For Non Violent Silly Dancing
A08. Violence
A09. The Fight Goes On
B01. Wombwork
B02. Vergewaltiger
B03. Het Lot Van
B04. Stop Clause 25
B05. Innocent Child
B06. Hi Ha Ho
B07. Scapegoat
B08. Billy Graham
B09. Mushroom Attack
B10. Don’t Be Afraid