Various – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat LP 1992

Title: Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat
Label: WRF Records, The Netherlands
Year: 1992
A01. Mushroom Attack – Ha Ha Ha
A02. Disgrace – Mountain Bike
A03. Trux – Fuck You
A04. De Avonden – Vies En Voos
A05. N.R.A. – No
A06. Morzelpronk – Quinquina On The Rocks
A07. Oerboere – Juppies
A08. La Cosa Nostra – Happy
A09. Mach-O-Kill – Angst Voor Alleen
A10. Aphrodies Lawyer – Telstar
B01. Yawp – Bullets For You
B02. Revenge Of The Carrots – Achterlijk
B03. Noisy Act Of Protest – The 9th Of July
B04. Abigail – Fin De Siecle
B05. Courage – Imagine Life
B06. Bobwire – The Other Side Of The Fence
B07. Knolcyerus – Wie De Schoen Past
B08. Vietzpaddeh – Project
B09. Disciples Of Tonka – Junks / Sicko
B10. Funcy Crew – Break Out This Small World
Comment: Comes with 20 page booklet