Maynard Schut
(1970.11.23 – 2023.05.10)

Our first meeting was in the Simplon youthcentre when our bands played together in 1986. Ever since, we always met in ‘t Klooster and W.N.C. squats. When yet another UK band cancelled their gig in the W.N.C. squat, I did a replacement gig with an improvised band called Conspiracy Of Poimar in July 1988. It was members from R.O. Conspiracy (my band) and Means Of Coercion playing their songs with me on drums instead of doing vocals. The guys from Trofoblast were in the audience and after the gig asked me to come drum for them. Maynard was their original drummer but he wanted to do vocals instead. He rapidly learned me all the songs (I wasn’t a drummer but definitely liked it more than singing), changed the name into Catweazle and soon after we did our first concert in Hengelo on 30 September 1988. Needless to say, in the 90’s Groningen had alot of punkbands but not so many punkdrummers so we ended up in the necessary bands. Eventually Maynard toured alot with Mushroom Attack and Fleas And Lice and met alot of people through the years. In 1997 I replaced him as drummer for PCP and in the 00’s he continued playing for bands, and worked in youthcentre Vera and rehearsalcomplex Het Viadukt.
On the 6th of January during a Rat Race concert in the Moshpit of Creation he got seriously unwell and directly saw a doctor who sent him straight to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with lungcancer which already was spread. Fortunately he managed to visit the festival on the 1st of April in honor of him but the illness took its toll far too early.

Buiten Adem (1985-1987)
E.N.E. aka Extreme Noise Error (1987-1989)
Catweazle (1988-1990)
Get Ugly (1989-1990)
Mushroom Attack aka Reality Attack aka Human Error (1989-1992)
Kaïn (1991-1993 )
Fleas And Lice (1993-1998)
Fermented (1994-1995)
PCP (1996-1997)
Dog Ugly (1999-2001)
Bullshit Science (2001-2004)
Scumnation (2004-2005)
Descent To Hell (2005-2010)
Link (2010-2010)
Malamondo (2011-2017)
Indifferent Sun (2011-2018)
System Bastard (2013-2019)
Parallax Smile (2019-now)

Releases on which he played
His drumkit
His t-shirts and books (up for grabs)
Parallax Smile (using Maynards’ drumtrack which he recorded during their last studio session)