(Groningen, 2022 – now)

Rat Race starts out in 2022 as a show organization by Jeroen Klootsema/Glitch, Haico Menger/Frontsector and Tim Prins/Glitch. The intention is to put on strictly hardcore punk shows in Groningen on a regular basis.

In 2023 Tim decides to use the Rat Race moniker to release some of the music he’s involved in or just likes, obviously only in the hardcore punk spectrum as well. The concert organization and the label coexist mutually.

RRR1 [to be released 2023] Glitch – Towards the Gutter LP (co-release with Tartarus Records, NL & Autoreverse Records, NL)
RRR2 [to be released 2023] Partner – I-IV TAPE (co-release with Lower Class Kids Records, GER)

2022.11.25 Hard Shoulder, Frontsector, Retch (Crustenunie were supposed to play, but had to cancel, Retch kindly replaced them) – Moshpit of Creation

2023.01.06 Forbidden Wizards, Crustenunie, Youth Deprivation – Moshpit of Creation
2023.03.03 Pressure Pact, Glitch, Suffering Quota (Altered States were supposed to play, but had to cancel, Suffering Quota kindly replaced them) – Moshpit of Creation
2023.04.07 Oust, The Breed, Partner – Moshpit of Creation
2023.07.08 Stresssysteem, Frontsector, Rattenburcht – De Hoogte, Winsum (Winsummerfest III)
2023.08.05 Meditation, Crucified – Vera, Groningen