(1988 – 1989)

Meaning bandname: The means of coercion that exist in society towards the individual and between individuals. Later on the lyrics became more personal and we thought Means To An End to be finer and more appropriate.

History: During the summer of 1988, Peter of Means Of Coercion went to live in the USA and is replaced by Stefan. The last concert is in february 1989. Because of no motivation and different interests, the band quit.

Lyrics: Personal about emotional problems.

Description: Fast technical and varied hardcore with metal-influences.

Josha Wigboldus – bass
Stefan Blesing – guitar
Dim Lenting – drums
Mike Lebbing – vocals

Other bands:
Josha Wigboldus – Means Of Coercion, Spiralsea, Azagott
Stefan Blesing – Buiten Adem, Intensity, R.O. Conspiracy, Conspiracy Of Poimar, Spiralsea, Killteam, Whitecourt
Dim Lenting – Means Of Coercion
Mike Lebbing – Means Of Coercion

Concerts: (assorted)
1988.09.30 J.C. Innocent, Hengelo (+ Catweazle)
1988.10.08 Simplon, Groningen (+ Catweazle, Moonlizards)
1988.11.11 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Catweazle, Dikke Løl)
1989.01.26 Vera, Groningen (+ Rat Patrol)